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  1. Hey, so i basically just bought your script and did it for the first time. There was an error at some point after about 2 minutes. Like instantly after the fishing part and going through the "door" (sry, dunno the english word for it), the acc just sat in place doing nothing and there was this message in the botom corner of the tribot client "clientobject interact() false", something like this. Let me put a screenshot in here Any idea how this could be avoided? edit: after correcting camera angle, it went super. first quest was done without problems. but after about 25mins total, doing the second quest (cooks assistant), he went into the mill without wheat, climbed up to the last stage and stood there again. after more then a minute i corrected it by going down manually, went near the wheat field and then he continued again very well.
  2. thanks for the quick reply. i'll do as you said and try it again then. will update you soon on it. is there also an option to make the bot sell all the made longbows (u) ? in the trialversion i only saw him buying and resupplying, but not selling any. however, i am really happy with that script. thank you for making this! edit: i did change the graphics to fixed graphics and it works now. everything is fine. even the selling is done now and he finds his way to the GE. Thank you!
  3. hey. so i just started this script trial, progressive and with GE buying new ones. The progressive part works just fine, except it doesnt continue from the new lvl on with buying new stuff for that reached lvl (which would be nice if there was an option to either use all logs left in bank first, or just continue with a better log when cutting them.). what is actually really important to me is that within those 20mins i was already wandering back and forth within the GE, without him finding the bank/GE to buy new things. it is always wandering with cash in the inventory and nothing else. usually he walks from to position to another and then exactly back and forth, until i manually click on the screen to move it. sometimes i click near the bank but he runs futher away and does this runaround thing again and sometimes after clicking near the bank/GE, he finds it and continues just fine from there. I REALLY REALLY like the progressive option, though this runaround within the GE where everybody can see me is pretty scary and obvious. Seems like this script cant be used without babysitting. Is there anything you need to do from start? like..the startingposition to the bank AND GE-guy? maybe i am just next to the bankguy but need to be next to each of them (which means in the corners of the GE-square)? Fast response would be super nice, since i plan on buying a vip script, test it and if it works i want to buy lifetime for many auths. edit: so i realized that it works fine whenever i stand exactly in front of the GE-guy or the bankguy. but since i cant stand in front of both at the same time, i always have to manually move there in time, else i run around the GE. so at the beginning i had about 65ms delay on the tribot client. then i tried it with 40ms delay. then with 0ms delay. in all cases it has the same outcome. it cant find a bank as soon as i started running around. also it only works fine (for me) when it stands exactly in front of the bank/GE-guy. only one is possible at a time. some more information: my internet works fine, delay is none anymore, i have enough gold (10m stack) and i told the program to fletch progressively. since this is my first script i ever used, i dont know if it has something to do with the window-size ingame? usually i have fullscreen activated, but as soon as i started the tribot client it is this really oldschool mini-ingame window. i dont know if that is from the tribot client itself or from the script itself, because i use both for the first time now. also there was an update a few hours ago on osrs, as i wanted to login with my main, it was written there. hope this information helps
  4. Hey guys, so this is my very first time ever writing in a forum sort of thing. I have those questions, I seriously can't find anywhere even after many hours and days of researching about all this stuff. Actively asking in a forum for the first time in my life, this should explain my desperation lol So basically: How to do setup a proxy for your entire system in windows? Is it even necessary to do a proxy for the entire system? Cause I've only read it on this guide here, nowhere else. My point is that you create the OSRS accs through a proxy via maxthon browser. After that you only login through your proxy via tribot client. So why do I need a proxy for the entire system then? And even more important: Does it always need to be the same proxy on my system as it is on the maxthon browser when creating the acc? To me, that seems to be the only logical way. But then, when you open all those bots in tribot via different proxies, you can not have your system run on all those proxies at the same time right? I mean, that would destroy the entire logic behind all that (separating IP's from each other) 1) So why do you need that system proxy? 2) How do you set it up on windows? 3) And do I need to always change that proxy on osrs acc creation? 4) Do you need system proxy after osrs acc creation? also: How do you proceed practically when one acc gets banned? 5) Do you need to cancel your proxy-subscription and buy a new one? And a little bit offtopic: 6) Do you need to buy new VIP extended? 7) Do you need to buy new scripts or can they be used for as many accs as you want, as long as it's not at the same time? I thank everyone answering this to me or helping me get an answer so much. Loot a nice day.
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