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  1. Been using script over last few days seems to be going okay. (Might i add it's a way better/safer then any other agility script on the market from watching it) When will relleka roof top be working? i'm currently 77 that's all Regards.
  2. Please inform me when you have this
  3. Hi I've been looking, sadly i cant seem to find a bot that will support the farm spots on fossil island. Wondering if anyone will be willing to create a woodcutting bot or add the feature to there current scripts? Just want to bank them teak logs
  4. When hunting chins (currently red) the bot spam clicks on traps most of the time missing. It also spam clicks on the spot after it’s clicked on trap. is this normal? if not is it a tribot client issue or a fault with bot? Seems very bot like that’s all
  5. is motherlode mine not working? just tried the trial and doesn't seem to work. Normal mining does tho. mainly wanted this script for motherlode
  6. please can you look at black chins it misclicks constantly, doesn't ;ay traps were i ask, runs away & cant make its way back causing it to loose traps and also doesn't use glory just runs around.
  7. For some reason it runs away from traps at red chins. Random times, could be 1 hour - 2 hours or even 30 mins and doesn't run back. which forces it to loose traps and log out. why is this?
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