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    My name is Jessie/Jessica, I'm american, I'm looking to build a rep and make some money doing various services because I'm unable to work IRL.

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  1. gotta make that bread, will do any services rn, done a few in the past for some peeps on here/discord (quests and skill stuff)
  2. Amount you're selling: 70m Have you added me on Discord or Skype?: yes If the trade goes smoothly, will you vouch?: yes
  3. Need 52 agility and regicide done on my mage only zulrah account will go first if you have rep
  4. I tried to use the worthy zulrah signature and it shows it normal in the signature box but it isnt showing on the forums
  5. 78 range one ill do for 4m, 73 range ill either do for 6.5m or 7.5 to get it to 75 range for you then do the cape.
  6. Doing capes for people 80+ range and 50+ def for 3.5m will do them for slightly more if you're 75 range and lower def
  7. give me the credits yeeet
  8. what do you way to people who think botting is morally wrong because "it runs the fun for others playing the game" personally i think its kinda stupid, I'm making real money and getting enjoyment and all its doing is slightly decreasing the quality of a video game's economy, if that's enough to be a serious "moral" question to you then get over it.
  9. I bought league accounts off there, definitely high risk for recoveries since it's not a tight nit community where reputation is more obvious and easier to lose. the way things work on there makes scamming a little too easy tbh.
  10. should I mule on the same ip im botting a pure?
  11. I'm Jannabear, (I go by Jessica, but I went by Janna for 4 years irl and you cant change a display name) I'm a woman from america looking to get involved in osrs related stuff for money/fun wanting to do some light botting, services, and to buy a rank for a dicing cc to be a host eventually. not sure what else to put here. just did my first service and hoping to do more.
  12. I'm like this because I have cptsd so I'm trying also yea league is really bad for your mental health
  13. Do any of you guys ever just live on autopilot Like you don't feel like a person but your body is still getting them endorphins so you just kinda chug along I figured id ask cause people who play alot of video games seem like they do that more often and it's something I do alot.
  14. I've decided to try and do some free small services to build rep, things like a fire cape or a few quests.
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