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  1. I have submitted a bug report but there has been no response thus far.
  2. I have, it requires me to send him pictures of it and I ddon't have a means of doing so to my knowledge. however I will try your suggestion and do more research into contacting him with this issue. Much appreciated.
  3. Having a problem with Dax hunter premium script. When hunting if the hop settings are set to hop when another player is seen the bot will register itself as a person and get caught in an endless loop of logging in and out hoping worlds. When hunting black chins the bot will not Bank, once out of traps, the bot will stand there (level 32-33 wildy) and just come to a stop. Not sure how to fix this problem, I've looked into it with no luck with how to solve. I appreciate all the input.
  4. I've had two accounts in two days get banned from this script and they were scheduled for breaks. know any reason why this might be?
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