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  1. Hey @Worthy Is the trident the only mage option included in this script? If not, what other options are there? The majority of ironmen don't have 87+ slayer and I know at least a few of us would buy the script if we could use Iban's blast, fire spells or something else. Thanks for the consideration
  2. @NatonI'll try and grab a gif when it happens again but it seems to be random. For now I took a gyazo screenshot of the debug when it happens https://gyazo.com/f51ff25993ed96a24bb3473e9df27a0a
  3. Hey @Naton I've been using your script with a lot of success so thanks for that. I noticed today during a session that for sometimes 15+ minutes at a time the script will wait by the bar dispenser with the status: "Taking bars" In the debug it will say "Typing key 2" over and over when it should really only be ever typing key 1. Any ideas on a fix for this? Thanks!
  4. @godspower33 Hey there! Super interested in using this script. I am an ironman however and the option to use the spellbook would be really great. Is that something you could implement? Thanks
  5. Hey @Naton would you consider adding smelting of sand and soda ash? I'm sure a lot of ironmen would appreciate it and I'd gladly buy the script. If I can help please let me know Thanks
  6. Hey @Einstein Just officially bought the script A whole $1 I know lol... Something I noticed after watching the script for a while is that for certain obstacles (the pushing blocks and the blocks you must run over) the script always clicks on the minimap. I don't think a human would ever do that because you could just click a few squares away to the next obstacles instead of having to go all the way to the minimap. It also makes it less precise and causes the character to be pushed off quite often, leading to heavily reduced exp/gp rates. What are your thoughts on this? Lastly, every 4 seconds the client debug says "Script was unable to retrieve biometric data for this area. Please report this bug to Einstein." while using the Agility Pyramid. Not sure what that means but just letting you know!
  7. @Einstein Hey so I'm trying out the script at the Agility Pyramid and it's looking really good so far! I have noticed a few things, including a major bug with an easy fix: -When trying to exchange the artifacts, the script clicks on the top "climb rocks" option instead of the one at the bottom when trying to reach the archaeologist fella. This prevents the script from ever exchanging artifacts. -The script would be faster and also be more humanlike (in my opinion) if the script hovered over the tile to jump to after a moving wall instead of moving across the screen to it. A little hard to explain I know...do you have a Discord I can add to help? Thanks!
  8. Hey @TRiLeZ I believe as of today the Runelite jar is also not working. Me and a few others have noticed that LG just shows a black screen when trying to hook onto OSB or Runelite jars.
  9. @Einstein You are a gentleman and a scholar. Truly. I am so stoked to start using the Agility Pyramid. As soon as LG is fixed I will be buying this and will report back with any bugs etc Thank you!
  10. @Fluffee Legend! Is there a way to disable the 30-120 second wait time after each kill? Almost halves the profit/exp per hour and sometimes the loot despawns. Thanks again
  11. @Fluffee So I tried running it again and the script shuts off the second the bank is opened. Here's the debug: I tried the script on both fixed and resizeable mode - any ideas?
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