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  1. i do not share with this, i never do gold farm, so if rules change hope all persona who bought lifetime scripts get money back.
  2. i know but i need pay $12 ?? i got the premmy version cost me $8 . i mean its $4 diferrence , hope you understand me, sorry bad english
  3. hello bro hope remenber me (i purchase script when u start code it) i wanna know how i get the runite script i just have the aminer premmy i wanna mine runite version =P hope u can send me a pm!
  4. vitanet


    yes i have 4 premmy scripts!
  5. vitanet

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    omg gratz bro, u finis ur university hehehe i am very happy. now take your time and hope this script gonna be the best
  6. vitanet


    why i cant use my premmy scripts without time limit? i got like 5 scripts and i cant user more of 2 hours
  7. vitanet

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    can you add range support? looting over 5 arrows dont work! always trying me pick 1 per 1 arrows
  8. sup bro, how are you? can i have access for version v2? or need vip =(
  9. @Tri, hello sir, can you fix paint? i will lend you account if u want