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  1. iBlastFurnace by iant06 Blast Furnace & AIO Smithing Script (2 Scripts in 1!); Blast Furnace Minigame All Bars Progressive Stamina Potions Worker Roles Coal Bag Coming Soon! From Level 3(BF Account Maker) Coming Soon! Sell Bars & Buy Ore Coming Soon AIO Smithing Pro Smiths All Items Progressive Smithing Smelts All Bars Smelt Cannonballs from Bars & Ore Ring of Forging 6 Locations ABC2 10 Activate iBlastFurnace by iant06 GUI Options: Smithing: Smelting: Cannonballs: Blast Furnace: BF Worker: Progress Reports(Before Paint Update): -8 hours of Cannonballs at Edgeville -Smelting Iron Bars with Ring of Forging -Cannonballs from Ore -Cannonballs from Steel bars -Smithing Iron Platebodys -BF Worker Pumping Future Updates: From Level 3(BF Account Maker) - You will start your account anywhere on RuneScape with 500k starter cash, the script will proceed to the Grand Exchange and buy the required amount of Bronze and Iron bars to reach level 30 Smithing. It will then use the Progressive Item Smithing feature of the script and smith the bars into items all the way to 30 Smithing. It will then buy a camelot teleport and as many iron ore and coal as possible with having 10k or so left over for the foreman. The script will then teleport to Camelot and walk up to the Keldargrim Entrance where it will start the Giant Dwarf quest and go through the necessary dialogue and cut scenes til you are inside Keldagrim. It will then use the Blast Furnace minigame teleport, climb down the stairs, and start using the Blast Furnace to make Steel bars. Sell Bars and Buy More Ore - When your account runs out of ore, it will note all of your bars and teleport to the Grand Exchange and sell them at market value. It will then proceed to buy as many ores as it can with having 50k or so left over for the foreman. Teleport back to the Blast Furnace and resume making bars. Coal Bag If you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  2. iAbyss Runerafter by iant06 Activate iAbyss Runecrafter by iant06 My abyss runecrafting script that I have been working on lately and have decided to release to the public to help hammer out the rest of the bugs. The script currently supports ALL craftable runes, however at the moment only two obstacles are passable with the script and they are Squeeze-through passage and Mine rocks(No need for tinderbox or axe). To Use This Script You Need: Quests: Rune Mysteries Quest Abyss Miniquest Levels: 47 Construction(Mounted Glory) 40+ Defence(Recommended) 40+ Agility(Recommended) 40+ Mining(Recommended) Items: House Tabs Pure Essence Food Bronze Pickaxe Decent Armor Runecrafting Pouches(Recommended) (DON'T RISK ANYTHING YOU AREN'T WILLING TO LOSE) Features: Teleports from PKers! Pouch Repairing! Mounted Glory Only(Amulet of Glory coming soon!) Obstacle Passing(Passage and Rocks only!) All Rifts/Runes Available Gets Small Pouch If You Don't Have It! Starting The Script: Locations to START SCRIPT: House, Edgeville, Inside Abyss, Inside Altar Area Upon starting the script the GUI will load up giving a selection of all the different rune types you can craft, as well as a selection of which way the camera will face when clicking your Mounted Glory inside your house(North, East, South, West). Example, if your Mounted Glory is on the southern wall of the room then you would choose South. East wall, east etc.. You can then set the prices of all the different items you will be using(House tab, food, ess) or leave them set to the G.E. prices. The last thing to enter before starting the script is the ID and Heal Amount of the food you will be using(Set to lobster). After you have entered the last piece of information you can click the Start button and let the script do its magic! Update List: Update 1.3Rewrote banking a bit to be a lot smoother when withdrawing and depositing items.Rewrote ditch crossing to be more efficient.Rewrote Mage of Zamorak teleport to be more efficient(Will teleport as soon as it sees him).Rewrote Mounted Glory teleporting to be cleaner more human looking.No more mass clicking(Home Tab, etc.)Update 1.4Made ditch crossing a lot smoother/faster.Withdraws more house tabs randomly if you are below a certain amount(Instead of just at 0 everytime).Fixed food eating bug.Mage of Zamorak tile fixing.Update 1.5Reworked crafting runes at the altar a bit as well as teleporting home.Now repairs pouches with the 'repair' option instead of talking.Reworked obstacle finding.Fixed GUI BugIf you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  3. iEssenceMiner ------------------------------------------------------ Current Features Fastest Working Essence Miner! Completely Dynamic(Finds By Model)! Dynamic Sleeping! WebWalking! Lumbridge Deathwalk! Bronze-Rune Pickaxe Support! Pickaxe Finding! Uses EnumScript! Trip Counter + Trip Timer + Average Trip Time XP Gained + XP TNL Essence Mined + Essence/Hr Mining Level + Levels Gained Requirements Rune Mysteries Quest Any Pickaxe Start In Varrock East Varrock Tabs In Bank For DeathWalk! Proggies 12 Hour Proggie 9 Hour Proggie 775 Ess/Hr 5 Hour Proggie 820 Ess/Hr 30 Min Proggie Updates V1.1 - Fixed Player Run MethodV1.2 - Walking to Essence Rock FasterV1.3 - Redid Script LogicV1.4 - Added Pickaxe FindingV1.5 - New Paint Image, Redid TeleportingV1.6 - Dynamic SleepingDownload From Repository - click me!
  4. iClueSolver by iant06 iClueSolver is TRiBot's one and only AIO easy clue hunter and solver. Developed for over 6 months, and 100's of hours of testing. iClueSolver will acquire easy clue scrolls from H.A.M. Members or H.A.M. Guards and proceed to solve each step of the clue. Requirements: Skill Levels: 20 Attack (Recommended, For Emote Clue Equipment) 20 Defence (Recommended, For Emote Clue Equipment) 20 Range (Recommended, For Emote Clue Equipment) If you do not have the required level to wear the emote equipment, the script will drop the clue and will attempt to acquire another. 15 Thieving (H.A.M. Members, If Thieving) Items: Teleportation Method: Teleport Tabs: Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Ardougne(If Quest Done) Teleport Runes: Law, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Spade Duel Ring Games Necklace Amulet of Glory Ardougne Cloak(If Diary Done) Emote Clue Equipment If you do not have a certain item the script will buy it from the Grand Exchange. Features: Acquiring Easy Clues: Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members(Female) Attacking H.A.M. Guards Attacking Edgeville Men(Collects Grimy Herbs) Looting Gourmet Impling Jars Solving Easy Clues: Map Clues Cryptic Clues Emote Clues Traveling: Teleport Tablets Teleport Runes Ardougne Cloak Games Necklace Duelling Ring Amulet of Glory Spirit Trees Grand Exchange: If you run out of a teleport item or don't posses the required items needed to solve a clue step the script will purchase the item from the Grand Exchange and continue on solving clues. Profiles: Loading and Saving GUI Profiles Per Account GUI Combat Tab: GUI Teleporting Tab: GUI Misc Tab: Reward GUI: ABC2 Anti-Ban: Timed Actions Tab Checking XP Checking Entity Examining Mouse Exiting (Game Screen) Mouse Movement Mouse Pickup Mouse Right Click Camera Rotating Action Conditions Generates HP to Eat At Generates Energy to Activate Run At Next Target Hovering Next Target Menu Opening Reaction Times Generating Human Reaction Times Generating Supporting Tracker Information Sleeping for the Length of the Reaction Time Progress Reports: 7 and a half hour proggy: 3 hour reward list proggy:
  5. iFiremaker Pro by iant06 Activate iFiremaker Pro by iant06 To Use This Script You Need: Items: Logs Tinderbox Features: All Logs: -Normal -Achey -Oak -Willow -Teak -Maple -Mahogany -Arctic pine -Yew -Magic 9 Locations: -Grand Exchange North -Grand Exchange South -Varrock East -Varrock West -Falador East -Seers Village -Yanille -Edgeville -Draynor Village Lane Switching Object Detection Set Desired Level in GUI Starting The Script: Locations to START SCRIPT: Bank Choose which logs you would like to burn and the location at which you are doing it, and then enter a desired level if you wish! Updates: Update 1.2:Fixed bug with Grand Exchange BankingAdded Custom Tile Support, now select CUSTOM_TILE and Set your custom tile to make fires at.Update 1.3:Fixed bug that caused spamming clicksAdded GUI SavingIf you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  6. iMediumSolver by iant06 Hello all! I've been developing my medium clue solver for the past couple weeks and it is time for the beta test! 90% of all clue tasks have been added to the script I just need your guys help finding the last few and and finding all the bugs! To be apart of this beta test, I'd like to keep it small so you will have to have purchased at least 1 auth of iClueSolver to join, as the requirements for the medium solver script are pretty low and the ban rates are next to nothing, I'd definitely like to keep it that way You can purchase at any time to be added to the UserID list so the medium solver beta script will be available to you on the repository. The start of the beta will be announced tomorrow in the comments below Total Clues Added: 112 Requirements: Skill Levels: 30 Attack (Recommended, For Emote Clue Equipment) 30 Defence (Recommended, For Emote Clue Equipment) 50 Range (Recommended, For Emote Clue Equipment) 40 Magic(Only Needed For 2 Emote Clues, Recommended) 10 Agility(Recommended, To Use Agility Shortcut) If you do not have the required level to wear the emote equipment or use an agility shortcut, the script will drop the clue and will attempt to acquire another. Quests: Waterfall Quest (Recommended, For Coordinate Clue) Priest in Peril (Recommended, For Multiple Clues) Tree Gnome Village (Recommended, For Cryptic Clue and Spirit Trees) Items: Teleportation Method: Teleport Tabs: Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Ardougne(If Quest Done) Teleport Runes: Law, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Cannon + Cballs(If Selected) Spade Duel Ring Games Necklace Amulet of Glory Ardougne Cloak(If Diary Done) Rope(In Bank for clue task) Tinderbox(In bank for clue task) Candle(In bank for clue task) Features: Acquiring Medium Clues: Attacking Guards in Falador Cannon Guards in Falador Medium Clue Tasks: Map Clues Cryptic Clues Emote Clues Anagram Clues Coordinate Clues Traveling: Teleport Tablets Teleport Runes Ardougne Cloak Games Necklace Duelling Ring Amulet of Glory
  7. iClayFarmer Activate iClayFarmer by iant06 Combine all your clay and soft clay needs into one script! iClayFarmer will 100% farm soft clay from scratch, mine clay for you, or simply just soften clay! Entailing multiple task, features, and locations, this script will exceed your expectations! Tasks: Mine: - Mines clay rocks south of Varrock Requirements: Pickaxe(Bronze-Rune) Soften: - Turns clay in to soft clay at specified locations. Requirements: Buckets Clay Supported Locations: Varrock Falador Edgeville Mine and Soften: - Mines clay rocks south of Varrock then softens them at the fountain. Requirements: Buckets Pickaxe(Bronze-Rune) Features: Gui - Script Task - Location - Hours to Run - Price Setting Bronze-Rune Pickaxe Support Bracelet of Clay Support High-Quality Paint Dynamic Script(No IDs, Won't Break from RS Updates) Smoking Rock Detection Pickaxe Head Collecting + Reattaching Profit Calculator - True Profit(Money Made - Money Spent) Anti-Ban - Random Camera Movement - Random Stat Check - Random Friends List Check - ABCL 10 Pictures: POST PICTURES ON THE THREAD! Updates: - N/A
  8. Progressive Chopper -Start with axe in your inventory or equipped. -Automatically progresses to the next level tree by your woodcutting level. -Only supports Trees, Oak trees, and Willow trees. -Collects Bird's Nests -Drops Logs -ABC2 Anti-Ban
  9. Thanks all have these all written down, planning on doing an update to the script hopefully next weekend.
  10. As of right now the script works perfectly fine on the BF world, updating it to be able to run by itself.
  11. Yes will have that fixed in the update on Sunday.
  12. Will fix the digging issue. Will take a look at the withdrawing issue, I have seen a few people report it but it seems to be an uncommon bug did you experience at all after that one time? Thanks will get the text fixed on that clue. This is ABC2 10 anti ban
  13. Just Updated to V2.0.9: Bug Fixes: Fixed smithing bug where script would walk back and forth from the bank to the anvil/furnace when on Progressive mode. Fixed Banking bug in smithing where it thought it had enough bars for the item it was currently on when in Progressive mode. Fixed Blast Furnace withdraw bug where it would sometimes not read the ore in the bank. Fixed Blast Furnace Idling Future Update Progress: 75% done with the Account Maker feature.(See main post for more details) 75% done with the Grand Exchange features.(See main post for more details)
  14. Hey guys sorry about the delay I'm really hoping to get this update out in the next couple days, at the very latest Saturday, I just wasn't able to get everything done this past weekend and have been working 10 hours days at work so haven't had much time to work on it on the weekdays however update should be out soon! Thank you guys for your patience.
  15. Fixed Salty Peter. Also turn off the clue helper features on osbuddy to fix the issue of it not finding the catherby clue.
  16. Script has been updated; New Clues: Salty Peter (Solution: Talk to Konoo at the Saltpetre mines) Talk to the doomsayer (Solution: Doomsayer in Lumbridge) Belladonna, my dear. If only I had gloves, then I could hold you at last. (Solution: Talk to the Tool Leprechaun at the Draynor Manor Farm Patch) Monk's residence in far west. See robe storage device. (Solution: Search the drawers upstairs in the southern church on Zeah) Surrounded by white walls and gems. (Solution: Talk to Herquin at the Falador Gem Store) Laugh at crossroads south of Sinclair mansion. Equip a cowl, a blue wizard robe top and an iron scimitar. Do a jig in Varrock's rune store. Equip an air tiara and a staff of water Bug Fixes: Script now opens reward caskets.
  17. Script Update scheduled for this weekend.
  18. Thanks everyone, working on fixing that idling bug. Will have a fix out soon.
  19. Yes, move the ABC Percentage Slider to 0 to turn off the human reaction sleeps, however the ban rate will most definitely go up.
  20. I think you may have been running the old version when you experienced the bug again, the script print stack trace leads to the old lines of code where the bug was and with the current version that print stack trace leads to a blank line. Re-run with that version.