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  1. [selling] 5 credits for 4m ASAP

    title says it, pm me on here
  2. You alright? Last visited over month ago.

  3. Thanks all have these all written down, planning on doing an update to the script hopefully next weekend.
  4. [ABC2] Progressive Chopper

    Think you are posting about my Blast Furnace script, which the thread for is here. But thanks will add a check in for that message at the conveyor belt!
  5. Currently best scripts?

    You can test it out if you'd like I have tested it many times as ABC2 is requirement for all premium scripts, just trying to help out fellow botters but if you guys don't believe me it's all good I guess.
  6. Currently best scripts?

    No worries man!
  7. Currently best scripts?

    I never once stated that it would protect you from bans I said it will make your accounts last longer. TRI's AIO Combat script is pretty much set up by the user, you pick your location, monster to attack, food, etc. this in itself breaks a mass pattern because not every user is going to be attacking the same monsters in the same locations eating the same food etc. which is why its most likely a low ban rate depending on where you choose to run the script. What we are talking about is how ABC2 reduces bans on already high ban rate scripts. Not why you didn't receive a ban on a script that you didn't use ABC2 on, that just means it's already low ban rate script...
  8. Currently best scripts?

    Well that's an interesting opinion but I'm afraid you're wrong. ABC2 reaction timing breaks most of the patterns that are detectable by jagex by using human like reaction timing as well many other functions that greatly help with anti-ban, the reaction timing generated is also on a per account basis so no 2 accounts will have the same pattern. I am a premium scripter that writes and tests my own scripts and I have a first hand experience in seeing the difference in ban rates. The same script that will get you banned in 2 hours of using it, if the only thing that is changed is ABC2 you're account will last insanely longer. You really need to stop posting if you haven't even used or have experience in what we are talking about. I personally bot bf and I don't get banned for at the very least a week sometimes even 2-3. We are talking about scripts that have high ban rates already and how ABC2 reduces the ban rates on high ban rate scripts. Not scripts that already have a low ban rate.
  9. Currently best scripts?

    As I stated some users believe LG doesn't do anything but from my experience in using LG vs not using LG I have noticed my own accounts banned less. That is why I said in my own experience as this is not necessarily a proven fact but a deduction from my experience with LG. w8 wut. You don't have to bot to know the ban rates? Where are you getting your information from then.. Read above comment about ABC2.
  10. Currently best scripts?

    Also heavily depends on which scripts you are using, rs bot detection is really just pattern detection so if you are using a script that has a known pattern to Jagex you will most likely be banned within the first day of using it. This is why ABC2 is an amazing update because it should take care of most of the patterns in scripts, why I also highly recommend only using ABC2 scripts. I would also highly suggest using LG, some users believe that LG doesn't do anything however I have definitely noticed a reduction in bans when using LG vs not using LG, so definitely something to keep in mind. And botting at night times is definitely not an immediate flag by jagex, I just have noticed my bans are a lot less when I only bot during my daytime hours which actually happens to be almost exact opposite of UK time(my day time is their night and their day is my night.) . Huge reason why my Blast Furnace script is a low ban rate is because of ABC2.
  11. Currently best scripts?

    Don't bot more than 12 hours a day(I usually go around 8 hours a day), don't bot overnight, and don't bot the same thing for more than a week. Those 3 things alone make accounts last a lot longer.
  12. Currently best scripts?

    I don't use the break handler
  13. Currently best scripts?

    Actually very low ban rate lol kind of an ignorant comment you haven't even used my script. I'm able to reach 90 smithing with my script before receiving a ban, and can go weeks at blast furnace.
  14. Currently best scripts?

    iSmithing & iBlastFurnace are both really solid money makers. Cannonballs are a solid 150k/hr and blast furnace is a solid 300k/hr in the Blast Furnace world(400k/hr in clan world) with really low ban rates, check out the 2 hour free trial