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  1. Worthy wil you add more quests? i had a quester from other one with these quest if you can im willing to pay ALOT more if you can add those quests 46 Quests Supported Animal Magnetism Big Chompy Bird Hunting Black Knight's Fortress Client of Kourend Clock Tower Cook's Assistant Demon Slayer Doric's Quest Druidic Ritual Dwarf Cannon Elemental Workshop I Ernest The Chicken Fight Arena Fishing Contest Gertrude's Cat Goblin Diplomacy Hazeel Cult Imp Catcher Jungle Potion Lost City Mountain Daughter Pirate's Treasure Plague City Priest In Peril Prince Ali Rescue RFD Cook Subquest RFD Dwarf Subquest RFD Evil Dave Subquest RFD Goblin Subquest RFD Ogre Subquest RFD Pirate Subquest Romeo and Juliet Rune Mysteries Shadow of the Storm Sheep Shearer The Golem The Knight's Sword The Restless Ghost Tree Gnome Village The Grand Tree The Tourist Trap Tribal Totem Vampire Slayer Waterfall Quest Witch's House Witch's Potion
  2. Like the title says i purchased VIP and the Option Running Glass mode is gone? i tried refresh aswell
  3. Yes this Only Happens in LG and yea i can Click to hide the paint i saw you did a Update ill see if it still happens after this update i'm using 32-bit Java for OSbuddy cause 64-bit it did not work i kept getting could not find a RS client and tried all the steps already ill try get the Script stack Trace i have never done anything like this before pretty noobie if it comes to this stuff After your Recent Update ( Update - v2.097 ) it seems to be working fine the GUI is now loaded aswell again and it does not get stuck Thanks alot for this Fix <3
  4. yea i tried this a couple times it only happens when inventory is out of planks
  5. Think the script is not working on LG once my Inventory is empty its stuck on Pressing Yes and doesnt fix itself i'm using OSbuddy as LG not sure if i set it up right but works fine in None LG Also the GUI doesnt show @Worthy
  6. Dear USA i bought your scriptbut it does not cut my Sapphire all it does is click the Chisel and then clicks the Sapphirebut it does not click on the menu that pop ups with all or notit spams Sapphires and nothing happenscan you fix this please? or refund?
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