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  1. soybean501

    Account Locked after tutorial island completion

    What do you find the ban rate to be like on the accounts that survive? Surely an account coming from a pool of 5-10 from the same IP address, most of which are locked, looks a little suspicious? Or do you not care as much about ban rate and prefer to suicide bot them?
  2. soybean501

    Account Locked after tutorial island completion

    so should i go ahead and unlock the accounts and continue as i was?
  3. Hey all, this is my first forum post so apologies if it's in the wrong section or whatever. I recently attempted to set up my first gold farm, purchased 3 private proxies from virmach, created the RS accounts using maxthon and the proxies, logged into the accounts using the aforementioned proxies and used a tutorial island script. However on return to the RS login screen I get the error "Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen". Did I do something wrong in the account creation, will this flag my proxy IP's? Thank you