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  1. please fix so it dosnt try to hop to the worlds with x amount total level needed. and also a combat potion feature would be nice
  2. i guess this script got a huge ban rate or i m just very unlucky, been using usas drag killer for 1 week without ban, bought pro version of this and got banned after 2-3 hours xd
  3. so does this only work with glorys? cuz it wont use my ring of duels lol
  4. ok thank, you know when this will be fixed? and will i still get my tribot credits when it is fixed?
  5. smokeweed

    Where to buy VPS?

    where should i buy a vps that is cheap and good for goldfarming?
  6. got perm banned after 2 hours... fresh proxy to
  7. [23:46:40] Loading human mouse movement data.[23:46:41] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. why wont it load?
  8. Because if you buy the slayer script, it will include an AIO fighter in it. Who wouldn't want that?
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