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  1. Could I hire like 5 Venezuelans to basically be bots. But since they are humans they can't get banned.
  2. How do I not get locked out of my accounts while using a proxy while creating accounts? I know I'm a retarded noob but I'm just wondering if there is a way to not have that happen. I tried to use maxthon with the same proxy I do tut island on but it still locks me out of my account.
  3. Can anyone share some good moneymaking methods to me to bot of F2P?
  4. How do account creator scripts make up for the fact that you can only make so many accounts on a certain ip address?
  5. What are the use of middle men whilst trading accounts for money? And where would I find one?
  6. Is there a way to auto unlock these accounts? without having to do the form by hand?
  7. Do you know any good sites that do allow it?
  8. Is it worth it to sell level 3 osrs accounts with tut island complete? If I sold them for like 2-4 cents for each account would anyone buy them? Is there even a demand for them anymore?
  9. What does it mean when people say level 3 account?
  10. If I downloaded a script and have access to its java icon is there a way to access the code and change it. I am wondering because there is an old script that I want to update so it works again but someone else created it that doesn't script anymore. Thanks for the help
  11. What is more profitable, selling accounts that you skill using bots to a site like account warehouse, or botting gold and then selling it to websites?
  12. I have a few questions about suicide botting as I am new to this. How do I create a lot of accounts and add membership to them while be mostly automatic? How many accounts is average for a suicide bot farm? And that is all I can think of right now but if anyone would be nice enough to let me add them so I can PM them questions as I think of them please tell my in the comments and then I'll add you. Thanks for all your help
  13. If I am botting accounts that tan hides how do I retrieve the hides they tanned? Let's say I setup a mule to take the leather after 24 hours of botting but let's say I keep botting on that account. Since most bots don't last another 24 hours how would I get the items they bot after the first 24 hours?
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