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    21 years old..From the windy city,love to play runescape on my free time,PKing is my shit. PEACE

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  1. My main got banned for botting a couple times lol havent been on it since 2013 was wondering if there is any tips to appeal a account that kinda has some bad history also this was not me that got the account banned i let one of my friends use the account and of course after i told him dont bot on the account anymore..he bots lol but maybe they have the ip address of his house? and could see thats not me?
  2. I never knew that i would have to check my tribot account to make sure i don't lose out on all my bots i purchased cause i swear i don't recall anybody telling me anything about this when i purchased my bots. why cant the Scripters give me a refund so i can purchase my bot again without buying it twice... i dont feel like i should pay for it twice!
  3. I Have been off for months and now getting back into runescape. I have purchased four scripts i have all my auth codes and they are telling me there is nothing they can do for me i need to re purchase my scripts! there has to be something tribot can do about this i am a customer to each of these individuals and i feel like i am being cheated out of my money! i purchased these scripts i should not have to buy them twice! i never agreed to that!
  4. got 2 day ban i would be careful tho! im done botting yaks! got my account all the way up to 90 atk and 90 str and 75 str!! thanks man!
  5. can you make it where it can open doors? looks really bot like when i'm running around and cant open a door or just standing there
  6. once a game is done it just sits there outside the boat and does not get back on the boat..whats going on?
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