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  1. yeah, i bought the script too. i do think its a good script but i think it needs more work on spreading the skellies, it only attacks like 4-5 for me also, i dont know if im doing anything wrong but im getting like 150-180k an hour, ive seen some peoples proggies and they are getting 200k+ an hour
  2. the only problem with this script is if you have put power surge special attack on, it keeps hoving over it then clicking on it and back on the monster, it wastes like 2 mins doing that. other than that good script
  3. bought the script about 45 mins ago and still dont have it, he said it would take 30 mins before he send me the information and he still hasn't ?? ...
  4. it doesnt do anything for me, just says its started then sits at the bank no doing anything help me please
  5. i can get on the bot fine but when i try click 'Start Script' it doesnt do anything, please help
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