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  1. xD didn't know I had to right click the Win.rar file and open with Java.... Well, login screen appeared! Thanks for the help
  2. Like go to Control Panel and delete from there? And I've checked Java, I have the latest version: Tried everything. When I extract the TRiBot_Loader.jar file to a folder I've made for it on my desktop, these are the files that are inside. So, where do I go from here? I'm probably missing something x)
  3. So I've had tribot before, but when I opened the Win.Rar file, the Tribot_launcer was gone, so tried to reinstall it, and now there's just a bunch of Torrent files, and no launcher. Looked up on what to do, and just says everything that contains Tribot_launcher, to right-click it, do this and do that, but problem is... I don't have that file. Please help
  4. Okey so this worked fine for like 3 hours, but now when I try to smith anything else than 2h-sword(wich I can't make since im 62 smithing) it just log's out. Like if I put setting to make Mith Chain Body until out of supplies, it just goes straight down and logs out and then ends the script. Would be great to get some help, I'll try to re-add the script and see what happens, or mabye I have to restart TriBot or something idk. (No longer an issue) Ok so re-adding the script and restarting client fixed it. I'll just leave this comment here if anyone get's same problem! And I love this script man, easy to use, effective, very good!
  5. Yeah i saw that, been 2 client updates for TriBot atleast, to bad it's not working, tried Delta Miner, it works fine, but the reaction time and stuff is so slow -.-' i would mine 11x faster than that one. Do you have any mining bots to recommend?
  6. Abit annoying with the status not working though :/ but now fletching gems is working again!
  7. yeah, mine does that aswell when trying to cut gems :/
  8. New update on the TRiBot Old-School, any chance ur bot needs an update aswell? cutting opal & sapphire doesn't work.
  9. Got a bug on fletching Headless arrows.. it just switched between clicking Arrow Shafts & Feathers, it doesn't click the "Icon" to actually start fletching it. Any idea on how to fix this? making Arrow Shafts worked fine, but other stuff doesn't.
  10. okey, thanks Will u post when u've updated so I can check it again and see if the bug presists?
  11. ehm, when i hit start, it just Use chisel on Uncut Sapphire, but nothing happens. it just constantly one of them on eachother, like it doesn't select "ALL" to start fletching it. any tip?
  12. can't figure out how to cut gems.. please help
  13. How do i use the Gem Cutter option, going to cut Uncut Sapphire. Can't find out how to.
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