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  1. Second day of running this script and guess what
  2. My internet was laggy so restarted my modem, switched worlds, and switched my gear a little bit. Much better thanks dude
  3. Mouse speed at 130 and yes LG I'll give that a try thank you
  4. it's 80...it's at 70% right now
  5. Can you guys help me out decrease the death count? I'm at 90 mage, 87 range, 70def, 70 pray For range I'm using karils fury blowpipe robin hood snakesin black vambs for mage i'm using ahrims , swamp, malediction , infinity boots and gloves swtiching occult/fury switching avas acc/zam cape
  6. I died so it went to the bank at lumb and it tried to withdraw -1 ?
  7. I set my fight tiles and I set 5 to be the distant. It goes farther than that. A big problem I witnessed is that it kept clicking on the minimap to walk to the rock crab which was right there but it never moved and it continued to click Another problem is that every 15-20 minutes it would walk south west for a minute then come back
  8. [13:59:15] java.lang.NullPointerException [13:59:15] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.C(AIOABCL2.java:8022) [13:59:15] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:2188) [13:59:15] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) I was doing Cam teleports Randomly stopped