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  1. ran a solid 14 hours until I ran out of scales in my blowpipe. fantastic script.
  2. @Naton heres another one, currently at 6 hours and 23 minutes on run time. still running great
  3. Im an idiot. Thank you, running a steady 90k per hour with mith darts and blowpipe at 91 range on my pure using absorbs. runs flawless and no bugs yet.
  4. @Naton I clicked the x on the status that overlays the chatbox that shows your progress, is there anyway to bring that back up? I would like to send you a progress report because its been running for 8 hours perfectly.
  5. where do you keep up with this information?
  6. I haven't botted in about a year and I just got back into it. I was running a script and stopped it, now none of my scripts will load. it says downloading and then unable to download. it doesn't matter which script. is this client side or my side?
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