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  1. i don't think i have that problem with 4-6 minutes.. last night i started with 44 snapdragon seeds, im at 12 hours now and 12snap seeds left in inventory. EDIT: my bad 16 left. as of right now 11:02am
  2. post picture of your inventory, do you also have runes in inventory too? what about what have you selected for teleportation?runesor tabs? have whatever you selected in inventory. maybe that's the problem
  3. sorry it's late on my proggy but i got you one. i am using snapdragons, limps, and watermelons. i have the script log out when it is waiting instead of alching or making compost. but here it is, and thank you Erik, keep up the good work and upkeep on this script dude. great job. might wanna add that you got tree and compost making support on the script too(:
  4. How many instances can you have on this ?
  5. i would like to sell you 13.5m please msg me on skype: astonedsloth
  6. add paypal name Wendy Parker to your blastlist list to not sell/buy to, this f***er scammed me i have picture proof on paypal he took $50 from me wtf edit: also his name on skype comes up as Paige
  7. trying to sell 20m rs07 gp. am a goldfarmer so looking to find a permanent buyer. let me know
  8. thank you. it seems to run smoother now to me. keep up the good work
  9. Hey i am just wondering, on the worldhopping option for runite or addy ore, does it support banking the ores too?
  10. this is a great script. it does have it flaws but it outweighs other scripts by far. i do recommend this script to other people trying to get their mining up. well worth the money. thank you
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