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  1. shadster4321


    Thanks for uploading this, it looks really nice. Just wondering what to pass into the 'script' argument for the change world method.
  2. shadster4321

    Universal Web Walker [Open Source]

    How do I update the api key? I am probably going to get a paid key later but for now I just want to experiment with the public key. I know there have been problems with it but I can't get it to work at all. When I try to use it this comes up [15:36:46] Response: UNKNOWN [[ERROR] null] It was working fine when I was scripting about 2 months ago but now after I came back its not.
  3. shadster4321

    How to get current proxy?

    Is there a way to return the current proxy or ip address being used in the tribot window?
  4. shadster4321

    How to use Selenium in Tribot local scripts?

    I imported all the correct jar files into build path, but a no class def found error comes up when i try to do stuff :/ Doing this outside of tribot isn't a huge convenience for me, just would be slightly easier if i could do it in tribot.
  5. Trying to develop an automated account unlocking system and wanted to use selenium. Heard that you can't use external jars on repository but for local scripts you can, but I can't get it to work.
  6. shadster4321

    Is the API login method not working for anyone else?

    Not using LG. It could very well just be a bug in my script but it was working well up until recently that's why I'm checking if its bugged for anyone else.
  7. Been working fine for me until about an hour ago when it stopped working. What it will do is type the email and password in the first line
  8. Will be running lots of accounts so the number of clients i can run per machine is important to me, but I know that a client delay too high can make scripts not work as they should.
  9. shadster4321

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    This looks really neat but I'm worried about what will happen when the Tribot files update. Would it be possible for this to automatically update or will I just have to wait for an update? If I do need to wait, how long will it usually be?
  10. shadster4321

    [ABCl10] Elite Chopper Free [Task Based] [ABCv3]

    Will you ever release the source code for this?
  11. can i profit by doing this on f2p starting with a very small stack and then building up?
  12. shadster4321

    Netami's AIO Woodcutter Development

    Very impressive!
  13. shadster4321

    Netami's AIO Woodcutter Development

    Does that mean it was running 106 hours straight?
  14. If I were you, I definitely wouldn't use this script on that account, even for only 2 hours a week. If you read the above posts in the thread you will see that people are having issues with the script and it doesn't seem like the script is being updated to fix those issues.
  15. shadster4321

    Universal Woodcutter

    So does that mean you have taken on board all of wastedbro's suggestions and implemented them? I appreciate you uploading the source code very much. I was struggling with implementing anti ban so its nice being able to use your woodcutting code for my personal script