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  1. This happened while using VPN
  2. Can't even login with TriBot and use this script now... Demands a captcha which I can't fill After pressing login:
  3. No, as I said I'm talking about the TriBot laucher, not the website I have lost a days worth of scripts and extended Vip to this bullshit. After I click login:
  4. I need to fill captcha in TriBot launchers right side panel? Can't even see all the pictures. What kind of shitty oversight is this?
  5. Don't bot if you're afraid to bot. Plenty of people use this script with the gear I mentioned and even better. Mage: Ahrim hood and robes, eternal boots, trident of swamp, mage's book, ring of suffering(ei), tormented bracelet, god cape(i), holy blessing Range: Armadyl helmet, karil top and bottom, blowpipe w/addy darts, pegasian boots, barrows gloves, god cape(i), ring of suffering(ei), holy blessing I do between 4-8h a day
  6. For improved kills per hour you need to get this asap (in the following order) 1. Upgrade trident (sell the helmet and use ahrims hood, you lose on bonuses and antivenom is cheaper than the scales it uses) 2. God cape(i) is fairly easy to get and is BiS cape (avas is totally useless when maging, and mage is priority) 3. Get at least book of darkness but preferably mage's book ASAP 4. Occult, Torture bracelet and Ring of Suffering
  7. COuld Could someone link me a solid break handler to give the appearance of sleeping 8h, while not having 8h bot binges. almost maxed acc so wanna be careful
  8. I rarely review much but this bot has been outstanding so far. I didn't want to fuck up because my account is fairly high combat so I purchased LG. READ THE DOCUMENTATION PAGE!!! There are some must-do things you must do in order make it work. While I followed them closely I managed to get things wrong in the GUI. In other words, preparation is key. I've put in way too many hours in my 24h since purchasing the Zulrah slayer, reaching about 9 bot hours. Hopefully I'll stay undetected, and if I do, I'm fucking delighted. So far I've gotten two serpentine visages, fang, and a lot of loot. This bot works like clockwork.
  9. doesnt always equip trident after switch, looking glass edit: made the settings optimized for my gamestyle, works now
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