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  1. Hey I noticed that I would use the script at GE and then as soon as I check on the bot.. random times.. it would be at the nearest bank away from GE, in this case Varrock West Bank. How can I make it stay at the GE and not at west bank. Please let me know, thanks!
  2. Last location before getting banned?: Falador Skill botted?: Magic/Splashing then Falador Teleport Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 1 hour How long did you bot per day?: 5 hours Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Macroing Major Permanent VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) YES/Proxy Scripts Used? Tri Aio Combat and Magic Other Bots Used?: Yes How many bots at a time were being run?: 2 Date banned?: 2017-12-17 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 4 days Account was created with same proxy on Maxathon browser, and ran Tribot with that same proxy and even started the "New Client (Advanced)" with that very same proxy to be sure. I think I got reported for splashing or maybe it could be the tele spell I botted with. Either way I do not recommend using the magic part of TRI AIO COMBAT AND MAGIC.
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