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  1. I got it to move once before exiting bank by manually rotating the camera. Click esc to close bank is not working sometimes even after enabling it in settings. IDK it seems pretty random. This does have some strange problems clicking on the conveyor belt sometimes completely missing it though...
  2. Even with the setting clicked to 'press escape to close bank' it still clicks the X anyways. Also even though there is a setting to NOT move before closing bank the default behavior is to close bank before moving anyway so that is odd. Also this kinda wastes a little bit of stamina potion by drink them too early sometimes.
  3. Hey just having people like Naton who actually fix things when you mention it is good to see. Ahh I must have missed the fungi thing since it is so new.
  4. I use all four at the moment because this is lacking. Gotta pick the ones that work best for each task. Could get away with the other three and no tribot. Need a reason to stay.
  5. But every other client is free. You need to either make it paid for the client and not the scripts or pay for the scripts and not the client. Both is crazy. The quality we get for the basic subscription cost is poor. Even if this had some more good stuff to justify the price but it isn't there. When they are raking money in on subscriptions they need to put some effort into free stuff.
  6. I don't mind paying but even with paid stuff this is VERY limited. Go look at the stats almost no one pays for this stuff. Lol just because you ignore the problems with your script doesn't mean it isn't broken.
  7. Really trying to use tribot as it is the only botting client that requires a subscription but a lot the scripts are sub-standard for the fact we are paying for this client. Aminer is the only good miner and isn't free. Acombat and Optimus are the only good combat and are not free. Autocooker one of the few good cookers has some serious problems. nHerblore bot has problems. The one working tanning bot has problems. Most of the crafting scripts were broken when I tried to use them. No morte myer fungi bot even though it has been requested. The only good agility is premium. Meh... kinda getting disgusted. When I already pay $8.50 a month for this I don't want to pay $10 more a month for 1 script. I could just buy 25Mill GP and save just as much time.
  8. When cleaning herbs with multiple tasks and setting to 0 (for all herbs) it will logout after the first task and never start the second. Would be nice if we could have a speed slider to slow this down or speed it up more. Would also be nice to have a check box to not logoff when done.
  9. Well aMiner lets you just click yanille and lets you choose what bank. No custom mapping needed. Does this even support banking at custom locations?
  10. Why does this require food id for cosmic runes makes no sense? Also it doesn't use shortcuts at cosmic reliably. Sometimes it uses it there and not back or just doesn't use shortcut. Should also support house to glory to fairy ring -> cosmic. Very bad for this low level stuff especially considering the price.
  11. This is very slow at wines. It doesn't use keyboard shortcuts for things like how many wine to make. Also doesn't click 'deposit all' to bank and instead uses more time with a right click. XP drops before it starts the second inventory of wine = way too slow. Maybe if it mixed up the methods it would be a good anti-ban but it does this the same slow way every time. So it only gets about 330kxp an hour.
  12. not very good without motherload support. Sorry but aminer has it beat there. Also the mining locations are very limited. Popular iron banking is monastery with teles but that is not an option, yannille the second best also isn't an option.
  13. Error Report: When using potions bot gets to a point where run is not enabled and it never ticks it back on really hurting profit. Not sure if it works without pots. Otherwise this is pretty dope.
  14. Care to elaborate what's not true? It doesn't put it on the same pixel but its dead accurate on clicking objects. It never clicks off on the floor by mistake or clicks on the thing multiple times. It always uses the minimap for the same section every time. It's probably why people are saying they are getting banned from this. If you do an analysis of how many clicks this is vs a normal person I am almost positive this is wayyyyyy under. They clearly aren't banning based on WHERE it clicks on the object since we are using ABC2 but I watch the whole time I was training and nothing out of the ordinary happened and it still leads to a ban in the same spot as others have said. This means they have to be finding out somehow and it can't be finding out the client since I'm using LG so that means the script is giving away something....
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