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  1. Having an issue where for some reason when attempting to do another kill it just sits after teleporting out until it hits the log out, log in kicks in, but at this point it's been out of combat for too long and stops. It's very random too. Sometimes it runs for hours, sometimes 30 minutes. Not sure whats causing the actually issue but I have narrowed it down to it going for another kill and pausing for no reason.
  2. Not really sure what's causing it yet as I have yet to catch it happen, but bot seems to be stopping after logging back in. Happening on all accounts. Says log in bot was successful but then apparently sits until time out/log out and shuts down.
  3. Could you please fix darts. When blowpipe still has ammo, but ammo is not present in bank and it goes to refill the staff, it claims no darts found and shuts down. Even though blowpipe still has ammo. Have this happen to all my bots now every time it goes to refill trident.
  4. You probably left the time from 0 to 0
  5. Every account is different, find the GUI settings\gear that works best.. It's not just gonna run in and get 20kph without some trial and error.
  6. woo! the light bill gonna be paid ya'll!
  7. We got bills to pay, mannnnnn.
  8. hey hi how ya doing you look famil you from round des purts
  9. Hoping this is a few hour ordeal and not a few week ordeal. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hopefully this isn't too in depth of a fix and we're back up shortly. Fingers crossed.
  11. I pitty all that don't expect bans from botting. Lol
  12. Do this every time, doesn't work when they do certain types of updates. Today seems to be one of those updates.
  13. Hmm weird, I've seen this happen wuite a few times where it potions before food this causing delay in eating. Might be unlucky timing.
  14. Might be worth changing its prioritizing of eating\drinking potions while in battle. I've noticed when it wants to eat and drink pots, it'll drink pots before trying to eat, click the food, then start attacking, but obviously doesn't eat the food due to drinking pot first, and has to re-click food to eat thus taking twice the time to do it. You can combo eat\drink if you eat food first then drink pots and do both in one motion.