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  1. netgear

    [Quick Tutorial] The "Maximum Instances" Issue

    It requires you to have a very steady connection in order to not run into this problem. Instead of the bot retrying it shuts down completely, which is unfortunate. I have a paid VPN that runs into trouble with this system once or even twice every hour.
  2. netgear

    [Quick Tutorial] The "Maximum Instances" Issue

    This is very unfortunate. I am experiencing occasional lag spikes because of my shitty connection. Every time this happens I get this message and the script shuts off. This needs to be fixed. The lack of interest from the management of Tribot amazes me.
  3. Still not working :/ I'll try w/o my VPN now. EDIT: This is how much task manager looks like when running it. Is it still running on the trial version or wtf is up? @TacoManStan
  4. Very, very solid and impressive script. I bought it a few hours ago but it keeps qutting because "only one instance can be run at a time" -- wtf? I have no idea as to why that keeps happening because I only have ONE instance running when it happens. Any fixes, a known issue? EDIT: Not using it anymore now, keeps fucking me up lmao
  5. Lmao, that's fucking crazy. How often did you transfer to a mule? And how big of a cashstack did you use? Would a 100m cashstack be too much for a fresh account?
  6. I'm going to buy this later tonight. I've read that the ban rate is one of the lowest out there. Do you still recommend taking breaks and running it on certain times during the day? I am doing some basic quests and lvling up some stats legit on the account. Anything else that could prevent a ban while using this script? /Net
  7. netgear

    Thoughts About Zulrah (bots, teleports etc.)

    It is not efficient but I do it inbetween studies, so it adds up. Rent is $130 a month so it's around 50 hours a month. I do work while doing it as well and it is avaliable at any time while being quite enjoyable. Besides, I make another 100m+ from merching every month too. So I have been doing Zulrah around 25-30 hours a month to pay my rent. I study computer science so it goes well with that.
  8. Looks like the supply for the Zulrah teleports are running short. Currently they are around 40-41k and it has spiked in the last few days. I don't see much of a future for Zulrah bots. I have been doing Zulrah for ages and still do in order to pay my rent while studying full-time. I observe bots with the min stats for regicide (very obvious) and they don't seem to last long at all. Keep in mind that while Zulrah is great profit (I avg 2.5m/hr) these accounts takes time to build - questing, skilling, high range, high mage and void setup. They can't match human efficiency and they die often. And now the teleports are getting very expensive. Ideas and thought about the future of bots at Zulrah?
  9. netgear

    Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Runescape?

    How can you be so sure?
  10. netgear

    Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Runescape?

    What a complete mess of a company judging by those Glassdoor reviews. Shit salaries too.
  11. netgear

    Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Runescape?

    There is so much money to be made if you are able to outsmart their system. I am in all honesty surprised that those hired people at Jagex are able to keep up versus more talented developers found all over botting communities.
  12. If one is able to completely mimic human behavior (in this case Runescape gameplay), is this also a threat to the whole existence of Runescape as we see it today? What I am implying is that botting can become undetectable, or at least very, very difficult for Jagex to detect. Will this in the end ruin Runescape as we see it today? Discuss, fellow botters :-)