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  1. Hey before i start love the scrip have 2 accs with 95-99 agility from it. The issue i am running into now is that it wont start rellekka agility course runs the course fine but wont climb wall to start over. Character just stands in that area no message down below.
  2. Hit 93 agi so far still working flawlessly no ban
  3. I power leveled from 40 agi to 80 in a week with this script no ban. Are you talking to people while you bot once and awhile? Are you taking breaks every hour or so?
  4. i love you <3 that fixed the issue!
  5. Java installed (Version 8 Update 151) installed. Re installed osrs. Still same error???
  6. I have and cant find a fix that works for my issue. I have also watched a few videos.
  7. Anytime I download it and try to open it it says " Unable to load parameter file. Please reinstall the program". I have uninstalled osrs, konduit, and osbuddy and reinstalled them. This is a brand new computer also so any settings i might be missing. Please help. Still works amazing on my other computer though.
  8. Thank you it works perfect now! Best script i have run in a very long time!
  9. Hey the long house in canifis the script is really awkward it bugs out a bit on it
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