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  1. cheeko

    Refund please

    @yagayaganiga I believe refunds are usually given if the script is not working as intended, and even then, mediation is usually the first option, which is to get in contact with the scripter to see if they can resolve their concerns. It appears he has used it for 5 hours, instead of the 10 minutes he claims, but the refund is ultimately at the discretion of the scripter himself (Naton).
  2. cheeko

    Refund please

    70k an hour at what level? Levels make a big difference, my combat at 60 gets about 44k an hour.
  3. Just don't go to seers agility and you should be good for the most part. Though there is always a chance of getting banned.
  4. Try deleting your hooks.dat file in the tribot folder and restart 2x
  5. He said that in the discord. Should be out by Sunday I'm guessing if everything goes well.
  6. cheeko

    Refund please

    Is 36k xp an hour at lvl 59 range not adequate for you? What kind of xp rates were you hoping to get?
  7. @strfreak I have concluded that the vanilla tribot client is just as safe as looking glass. (Although those who wish to be extra safe and can spare the resources on your computer there’s no hurt in using it, but there are a lot of features in scripts where LG may mess up for the time being)
  8. Welcome aboard rileyz. Looking forward to the content you will bring
  9. @Einstein Still stuck here in the current version. After it logs in and out from login-handler a few times it resumes but it's a pretty long delay of logging in and out. Bot debug https://pastebin.com/p7NCJ9z7 Stack Trace Picture below:
  10. Argument used: tearsofguthix;disableidler;endatgeScreenshot/gif (including paint):https://gyazo.com/354b2036e4161a8eb48a763130d90fa5Bot debug (pastebin link): Can't fit on pastebin, https://gofile.io/?c=13gTOMClient debug (pastebin link):https://pastebin.com/cYS9D1NeAny additional info to provide: Bot was using the lantern on an empty spot in the inventory instead of the floating white things.
  11. Looking for someone to script the Kourend library mini-game (looks for the books in the library) for me. Let me know if any scripter is interested and we can discuss price. Also need another script for 2 easy quests and to start another quest. PM me or add me on discord to discuss! AcaiTrader#3495
  12. I think he is referring to the repository bug that was occurring after the server update. It's an issue that's still being resolved.
  13. @EinsteinI found where the Canifis issue is. I think Canifis Rooftop may be glitched on jagex's end, where sometimes when you do the obstacle, your character will end up in the air frozen. See attached picture. I've seen this happen on the obstacle in the attached picture as well as the first tree to start the obstacle. If you proceed to clicking on the course it will fix itself however, but the script currently gets stuck and will not perform any action when this happens. It also gets stuck here :see picture below, when it fails that obstacle. I waited to see if it would resume the course but it did not.
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