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  1. Why not just use NNightmareZone ?
  2. Try using the version of runeliteplus that Encoded uploaded. Should work. Make sure stretched mode is turned OFF and GPU is turned OFF. I can't find the post, but there you go. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u04uaicvae102ed/RuneLitePlus-TRiBot.jar?dl=0
  3. For nature spirit, it does not bring varrock teleports resulting in getting stuck over here and will not teleport even if it has a glory in inventory: I wasn't watching it but im assuming it died.
  4. It's working now. Thanks!
  5. Argument used: purchase;stamina;useglory;staminacount:1;customitems;foodname:Lobster;mousespeed:173;weaponname:Adamant scimitar;restlessghost;priestinperil;naturespirit;disableidler;endatge I'm having some trouble getting the script to take lobsters with me during the priest in peril quest. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? @FALSkills
  6. If you don't bot on your main, there's no need for a proxy. Though if you do, like Adamhackz said, getting a quality proxy would probably be the best.
  7. cheeko

    Auto Crafter Pro

    Was looking forward to this
  8. Seems to be stuck going through doors and ladders, with some of the notable ones being during druidic ritual while exiting the dungeon after dipping the meats, knights sword when it tries to go back to talk to thurgo and restless ghost after finding the skeleton in the wizards tower.
  9. You can't make accounts on datacenter proxies. And are you getting locked or banned? Two very different things.
  10. Bug Report Format:Argument used: witchspotion;witchshouseScreenshot/gif (including paint): N/A Bot debug (pastebin link):https://pastebin.com/SXdRkxv8Client debug (pastebin link): https://pastebin.com/ZD0CN5mvAny additional info to provide: Does not seem to be able to start witch's house. Script buys the items and stops.
  11. Great work! Looking forward to test this out.
  12. It sounds like the account isnt progressed that much (could make a 60 atk pure in about 1 week or so using JNMZ script from Jaime and NCrabs from Naton. I would honestly start a new account and try to bot it up with what you learned from your mistakes. Once an account gets a 2 day and it isnt even remotely close to the end result, its better to start a fresh account imo. It is very rare for an account to get a double quash ban so you are better starting off fresh. Best of luck to you. Also the account will never be yours without a reasonable doubt if it was your friends. Plain and simple, its a hassle to share accounts.
  13. Is the login handler not updated in the dev release? Still getting stuck on the disconnected screen while using dev release. This is the bot debug [09:28:01] Un-handled login message: You were disconnected from the server.
  14. Both scripts above are great! If you get VIP you can get a trial to see which one you like better
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