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    Solo fishing Trawler script

    im looking to buy a solo fishing trawler script meaning that it will repair the net during the final minutue/patch all holes/and bail when its not patching the holes. shoot me a price
  2. i have shift drop enabled and once i get a full inv the bots just running? is this a bug because i have shift drop enabled

    tribot after update question

    when rs update happens accounts continue to run then get banned was wondering if there was a way for accounts to stop botting once rs update occurs

    tribot after update question

    is there a way for tribot to stop botting once a rs update happens (tribot bots keep running and once u pause ur script you realize you cant rerun it without updating tribot) and this results in all the accounts that were running while tribot was updating in a ban thanks in advance
  5. How long will it take to update master thiever aio so it opens the coin pouches?


    Cant Download tribot help

    when i click download nothing happens someone please help
  7. Druid has good scripts and ive been using his master thiever for about 1month n no bans yet. also the private script i bought of him hasnt been banned yet
  8. there was a problem with one of the scripts and once i notified him he instantly checked on it and fixed it. thank you

    is tribot not working for anyone else?

    i waited 1hour and my client is working now idk maybe tribot was updating or sometthing for me but ty tho
  10. when i load tribot client the screen stops and say "loading client params" and on the bottom of tribot it says atjava.lang.thread.run unkown. any1 know how to fix?