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  1. i need a private muling script that can be an add on to an already existing script such as "auto fisher pro" and the script will need to be able to fish on relleka docs and trade the inv to a specifc account
  2. im looking to buy a solo fishing trawler script meaning that it will repair the net during the final minutue/patch all holes/and bail when its not patching the holes. shoot me a price
  3. i have shift drop enabled and once i get a full inv the bots just running? is this a bug because i have shift drop enabled
  4. when rs update happens accounts continue to run then get banned was wondering if there was a way for accounts to stop botting once rs update occurs
  5. is there a way for tribot to stop botting once a rs update happens (tribot bots keep running and once u pause ur script you realize you cant rerun it without updating tribot) and this results in all the accounts that were running while tribot was updating in a ban thanks in advance
  6. How long will it take to update master thiever aio so it opens the coin pouches?

  7. when i click download nothing happens someone please help
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