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  1. when leaving the dragons, the script will open the gate then continue to click 3 times trying to open the gate EVERYTIME it leaves.. then once it gets back to edgeville the script will automatically logout and switch worlds everytime also for no reason?
  2. @Usa disabled random then didn't start attacking again, I have auto retaliate off for pkers. also didn't reselect fire bolt on one round, caught the account hitting the dragon with the staff lol
  3. New changes to tribot.

    Lol good luck
  4. New changes to tribot.

    the problem is that our scripts are not dead, so the lifetime should not be taken away. Obviously if the scripts were not working aka "dead" then people would be okay with the switch.. but they're not - they work just fine ( at least all of my lifetime subs do.) & for the scripters saying this is good for competition, are you gonna go out and make another Zulrah script to compete with Worthy? No, because his script works great and he has great customer service.. The only scripters that will have 'competition' are the ones who are no longer are active, and do not care about updating their scripts.. so it's still no competition. My point is: nobody is going to make a script to compete with one that already has a great customer base, and runs good. So where is this competition coming from?
  5. Sand Crabs

    well I wasn't searching for only a Sand crab script, I was testing the combat scripts out.. as most of them use to support Sand crabs and then I can use it elsewhere when training.. keeps my script list nice and clean and pointless scripts off of it. But unfort none of them are updated or support sand crabs, so gotta do what I gotta do.
  6. Sand Crabs

    which script are you using? The ones I have tried use Dax's walker and the scriptershave not updated the walker into thier script. It's not on my end lol edit* I haven't tried Mute's script yet, but just noticed it was updated recently. Gonna check it out
  7. Sand Crabs

    Anyone have a working sand crab script? I've tried about every script here but none are resetting agro.. I assume it's because none of them have been updated in awhile.
  8. Low FPS

    I've tried minimizing, but nothing helped the FPS. I'm looking for another desktop, as I can't use LG on my laptop (everything runs fine on there FPS wise.)
  9. What skill to bot next..?

    How long did this take you? And how many hours a day?
  10. Low FPS

    anyone have a fix?
  11. Low FPS

  12. Low FPS

    obviously, but its the amount of CPU it's using when running the scripts. Almost 100%... you can't do anything properly with 10 FPS lol, unless its non combat related.
  13. Low FPS

    same here, can only run basic scripts without FPS dropping too low to run properly. _________________________________________________________________ CPU does jump to 70-90% whenever I start running a script, from 20-30% without a running script. Is it the computer or? If so, anyone have good suggestion as to which desktop I should buy with enough ram/cpu?
  14. Low FPS

    I've tried every version that Worthy has suggested, and many more.. none have made a difference in FPS. I'm currently using the newest version since using all the older versions didn't help my fps, so I figured why not use the newest if it doesn't affect anything.
  15. Low FPS

    I've tried every heap size mentioned on here lol