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  1. packedabowl

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    Do you think the skull fix will be today also?
  2. packedabowl

    9 Accounts banned from last nights server crash

    twitch prime doesn't effect ban rate... have over 40 accounts that got prime & still running.
  3. Banking works in re-sizeable mode, but anything else requiring map or inventory is way off. edit: Dev Release's login bot doesn't log in properly.
  4. ayy she's back working now, thanks!
  5. withdrawing an item then depositing the item 1 by 1 until it has desired amount..
  6. banned or nah? lol very interested to know. I'm planning on buying and running it this weekend so might 24/7 one account
  7. packedabowl

    Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    your name describes my response to this post...
  8. packedabowl

    Private Script

    Looking for a private scripter, pm me for details! paying with paypal / 07 gold
  9. packedabowl

    proxies+looking glass

    sounds good
  10. packedabowl

    proxies+looking glass

    No it shouldn't. If you're using a proxy for your botting account, and then using your home IP for you main. There is no connection between the accounts. You can make sure the Tribot Client is using the proxy by going here & checking --> "view" --> "runtime information" ___________________________________________________
  11. when leaving the dragons, the script will open the gate then continue to click 3 times trying to open the gate EVERYTIME it leaves.. then once it gets back to edgeville the script will automatically logout and switch worlds everytime also for no reason?
  12. @Usa disabled random then didn't start attacking again, I have auto retaliate off for pkers. also didn't reselect fire bolt on one round, caught the account hitting the dragon with the staff lol
  13. packedabowl

    Sand Crabs

    well I wasn't searching for only a Sand crab script, I was testing the combat scripts out.. as most of them use to support Sand crabs and then I can use it elsewhere when training.. keeps my script list nice and clean and pointless scripts off of it. But unfort none of them are updated or support sand crabs, so gotta do what I gotta do.
  14. packedabowl

    Sand Crabs

    which script are you using? The ones I have tried use Dax's walker and the scriptershave not updated the walker into thier script. It's not on my end lol edit* I haven't tried Mute's script yet, but just noticed it was updated recently. Gonna check it out