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  1. Worthy is dealing with some issues atm so I will be here to help/answer any questions - we have a discord that is linked on the first page for those of you who have more questions or want a faster reply. This script does not support them, sorry. AFAIK, all bugs have been fixed by us recently - if you encounter any then please post more info about it. The script will save each user settings, so every account that you log in with should have it's own settings saved. Are you using the account manager to log in or logging in manually? You would want to purchase the 1 auth package ($15) 3 times. Could be a number of things. Try adjusting your mouse speed, % percentage, etc.
  2. Do you think the skull fix will be today also?
  3. packedabowl

    Skull hooks

    https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues can someone look into this?
  4. ye I have a nice formula, would be better on 10+ accounts though. And I never said zulrah was hard lol
  5. packedabowl

    Staking bot

    anyone here have any experience staking with a bot?
  6. packedabowl


    Alright I understand that part now, but why would the repository tell me it expired on the 18th? I write down every expiration date in a notepad so I know when I need to renew them and about a week ago when I wrote them down it was expiring 9/18/18.
  7. packedabowl


    I bought Zulrah Slayer on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 07:09:40 +0000 - so why is it no longer in my repository? It's only 9/10 so I should have at least one more day. For some reason I had it wrote down to expire on the 18th because that's what it told me in the repository a week ago? aslo if I buy a 1 month script and it has 2 days left - then those 2 days are lost and not added to the new 30 day's, this should be fixed.
  8. packedabowl

    Why I left.

    I'm only on tribot because @Worthy is here lol
  9. twitch prime doesn't effect ban rate... have over 40 accounts that got prime & still running.
  10. Banking works in re-sizeable mode, but anything else requiring map or inventory is way off. edit: Dev Release's login bot doesn't log in properly.
  11. withdrawing an item then depositing the item 1 by 1 until it has desired amount..
  12. no longer need, can be closed
  13. pm me or post your rates below method is paypal
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