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  1. i have a simiar problem but i think i have the good proxy could someone help me? so i think i know what i did wrong First note: - You CANNOT use user:pass authorization with SOCKS protocol - SOCKS protocol does not work for the rotating/backconnect proxies To use SOCKS4/5 protocol with our proxies, follow the instructions below. 1. Set your Authorization type to IP Authorization, and authorize your computer's IP my question is if i do this ip authorization thing will i still bot safe ? hiding my ip?
  2. mourad88

    need help

    still after i accept all scripts dont start
  3. mourad88

    need help

    so i installed this and i asked me some things to allow before starting the scripts and i put both on always deny and now it doesnt start any way i can change this ?
  4. i need some help running this could someone help me ?
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