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  1. Here learn to search.
  2. Ordered via skype. Great guy just bought 10m. Well satisfied. I will be back later on!
  3. If I get approval from the admins, I will be redoing them to an extent but, I will be keeping the same concept just make them more. Appealing.
  4. Don't worry. I am back now. I will be adding the new userbars needed. I just started working a month ago and I work 10-12 hours a day. I have no time but, now that my schedule is managed a little better I shall be able to complete the new ones.
  5. Where is the both option? Lol
  6. Another bump, I have some free time - willing to do a free paint to build portfolio - CODE NOT INCLUDED
  7. Thanks! I gotta see why they are not using the right moderator userbar.
  8. Thanks druid, means a lot!
  9. Thanks, Just an idea I had figured I would enter. Thanks again
  10. Thanks everyone! Thanks TRiBot staff for choosing me! Remember guys, I do sell / make graphics for 07GP
  11. Need more information - Links to signatures you like or fit your taste - Text on the signature - Sub-text "if any" Size - I can do this for you. I probably will not use C4D I don't care for it. Let me know. Also do you want anything RS related on it?
  12. Bump, does anyone know a method to invoke trading with a specific player?
  13. Wow nice, I was / am going to work on something like this. Would you mind chatting me up via PM? Maybe give me a little help on how to get one started.
  14. Yeah, I loved that widget, I use the view new content button now. It is just not the same.
  15. I personally use, ESET NOD32, Malwarebytes PRO, COMODO FIREWALL, SuperAntiSpyware, A private vpn (DDOS PROTECTION). Also TDSSKILLER, and Spybot S&D. Also made a quick guide a little while ago. See it here