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  1. this script is awesome so far, using at edge bank on a f2p character to get 99 firemaking cause i just want any 99 so badly! Then im gonna stop botting all together i think once i get a 99 But yer hopefully this is the script to do it so far its awesome 70 fm off willow logs!
  2. Howdy All Currently attempting to bot for the first time and using a premium hunter script, striving for that 99 and right now sitting on 84 =-) I feel i am careful when i come to botting my character, i mainly watch my botting screen because i play my other two accounts as normal|<< nerdy i know. so i am able to reply to all who speak to me within moments, along with having break handler set up and every now and again mouse clicking around the screen to change my mouse data patterns around. I ask this because of course 99 Hunter is great money, id much more envy the fashionscape of the 99 hunter cape and would onward play the character manually and level combat for a edge 13 pray g maul pker, noob life i know but sue me. Will i get to live out this little account dream set up or is it most likely in the end most botted accounts lose the battle against jagex =p If anyone has any info inside on the matter would be awesome if you discussed below. Happy botting <3 hahah
  3. Thankyou this fixed the problem, but i highly recommend this script for birds and chins, but dont use the falconry because it always ends up breaking the script and your character walks around stupidly, and i tried the red salamanders at c wars and my character did it for a like 3 then ran away and all this bs happened so yer.
  4. TravBot

    Human Mouse Data

    Hi just a quick question if anyone is in knowledge, i have not even searched for the answer for sorry for the noobiness. If you purchase 'Extended VIP' does it automatically load 'Human Mouse Data' when you load you're client, or is it a proxy that you have to add? Because currently now i am just a standard vip and when my client loads it it gives me a message reading ''Could not load human mouse data, human mouse data encryption key not found'' Thanks!!
  5. Dont mean to be negative but pretty unhappy with script thus far. But iv just hit 43 Hunt and are trying to catch kebbits are the falconry course and the script catches like 3 and then continues to just run around in circles and doing nothing and trying to click outside of the field etc. Super unhappy i wasted the same amount i could of made an account members -.- The only way the script can be fixed is when i move the camera angle around with the arrow keys, but if i had to sit there and do that i might aswell just be playing the dam thing