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  1. Look at it this way, LG seems to slow scripts down a bit, making them lag behind the normal client. But in the end, even though it may reduce the ban rate, the script you run would ultimately dictate how detectable it is imo. Plus it takes more resources, so it wouldn't be viable for a large scale farm.
  2. Congrats on Release I will try it on an account for the heck of it, if it lasts, I'm gonna post a proggy
  3. Yes the ID remains the same regardless of amount. And no for your first statement, the URL method can't be used for noted items, simply withdraw it noted from the bank to get the noted ID, and unnoted for the unnoted id.
  4. Where do you see the id of coins as something other than 995? I normally use the grand exchange website to search for ids by item name. For example when I go to the grand exchange page on oldschool runescape and search for salmon, you will get the item id in the url: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/Salmon/viewitem?obj=329 To know if the id is for a noted item or not, simply withdraw the item and use the debug feature in tribot to debug the inventory. It will show the id for the noted. The debug doesn't show amount.
  5. Very impressive design!
  6. The Java tutorials because Java is what you want to learn to script for Tribot. Javascript has other uses. Goodluck
  7. Alrighty, first of all welcome to Tribot Secondly, when you check your ip address it should show your proxy ip, not your actual ip address. Thirdly, to make sure you're connected to the proxy from Tribot, navigate to "View -> Runtime Information," and you should see your proxy ip and port in that window. To confirm you're connected from a browser, simply type "ip address" in google and it should show the ip address Jagex will see if you were to run runescape using it. Feel free to ask more questions
  8. When running LG I recommend running them in seperate TriBot instances. As in having multiple windows instead of multiple tabs. I found that that's what works best for me.
  9. What you're asking for is a little bit difficult in my opinion, but a quick google search yielded this post: http://tor.stackexchange.com/questions/2006/how-to-run-multiple-tor-browsers-with-different-ips I have not tried LG with TOR, but I believe it should work. As for the multiple proxies on one computer USING looking glass, you'll have to read the article I linked and see if those work. Sorry I couldn't be of much help!
  10. No, it also supports the official client and even running the game through the browser.
  11. Looking Glass is meant to reduce risk of detection, yes. But there is also the script itself, and just the risk of botting. USA dragon killer is an amazing script, so I believe that you may have been banned for other reasons; too much botting for one night? It was also the double xp weekend and the 24 hour jagex stream; but I don't know if that had to do with anything. Anyways, if you care about an account do not bot on it carelessly. Most people will not kill dragons for 13 hours straight, right? Use the Script Que to spice things up. Don't do just one thing forever. Try to be human-like
  12. What job are you after? : Skiller and Quester, both are things I'm able to do manually Do you agree to my TOS*? : Yes Do you agree to 5m deposit? : Yes What is your Skype ? : [email protected] Do you have any experience with a service? : I had my own power leveling services back when rsbot was a thing, I stopped a long time ago though. I hope you consider me Thanks, OmniMind