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  1. I am only getting problems with the new version =( Right now when I enter all the settings as always the "start script" doesnt do anything when clicking it.
  2. Is there any solutions for this problem? I am getting the same at the moment.
  3. I am using the same settings as always also when it worked. I tried deleteting hooks and restarting client 2 times. And it still doesn't work. Any suggestions how to fix this? The" flicking rapid heal in" thing stays at 00:00:00 and nothing happened when started.
  4. Since the update the bot isnt working anymore. I hope this gets fixed soon. It doesn't flick prayer anymore.
  5. Thanks working now again. But it still weird that sometimes the bot decides to work and sometimes not
  6. The overload drinking has been really buggy lately. Sometimes it just doesn't drink overloads and then the HP gets higher and you loose your absorption points really fast . When you restart the script it works perfectly. Not sure why this happens "sometimes". Really awesome script. Thanks once again for doing this for free!
  7. Hey, whenever the script drinks the absorption and there are none left in the inventory´, but the absorption counter says 900 left, the script stops. This is really annoying can you take a look at it?
  8. Oh damn forget my feature request about range potions. I thought overloads only is for melee stats. LOL
  9. lol I botted NMZ with 4 different paid scripts (also from dreamb.) and got banned after like 1-2 days. Now I've been using this script for 2 weeks with same botting times as the other 4 and still no ban or anything. I think this says a lot about this script... Feedback: - Drinking Super Range Potions feature would be nice - I can't get the save settings features working Keep up the great work.
  10. It works now. I guess the problem is that I was in a PVP world. When I am in normal worlds the bot doesnt freeze. Not sure why this one doesn't work in PVP but other. Just thought I would let you know what the problem was. Thanks for the awesome script.
  11. Actually I am Vip. I tested other scripts and it works perfect. Just this one script makes the client freeze.
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