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  1. Ye, all the things you mentioned happen to me as well when I use daxwalker, but if you use custom navigation it would bug out alot less often but currently there's a bug that causes more deaths with custom navigation than with daxwalker. So if you want less deaths but more crashes then use dax walker, and vice versa.
  2. Script works and has been working for long time now. Make sure youve read the thread details carefully and have the GUI setup correctly.
  3. Great script. Used it alot when it was on beta and had good results. A++.
  4. ta ta ta

    bot suicide

    Theres no answer to this question. It can last few hours or days. Nothing is guaranteed
  5. ta ta ta

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    You're joking right? you call that a progess to back up ur "smart" botting steps?
  6. ta ta ta

    What is a premium script you would like to see?

    Blast mine G.E flipper G.E buy/sell
  7. This has been asked before by someone else and gods said he has no plans in the future to add restocker
  8. anyone having problems with bot teleing from pkrs
  9. I used Flufees script to setup this dedi 2-3 month ago and today one of my tribot clients bugged out and after a minute or two it stopped responding and i spam clicked X to close it. Now my top panel is bugged/locked, it wont let me click to maximize any window but if i hover over the minimized windows it displays that theyre tribot clients. I can only click on mouse middle button to select the minimized window from any desktop to maximize it. Any advise on how to fix this problem is much appreciated. Also i can interact with the desktop just fine just the whole top panel cant be clicked on
  10. ta ta ta

    Script loading times

    I asked Flufee and he said he doesn't know how to help with this issue :[
  11. Tribot is broken, hence all scripts not working properly
  12. ta ta ta

    Lazy Collector

    Manor teleport with duel ring would be easier/quicker