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  1. heres worthys zulrah slayer discord link, you can ask for help there https://discord.gg/xQquG
  2. Pls let me know here asap when its fixed, ty
  3. https://gyazo.com/46267eedcca1749b9caf5671166f5f5c https://gyazo.com/ce1f6c846934985eaca1a54e83e7f582 @Usa
  4. why doesnt it just tele when looting bag is full/inv is full? it wastes so much time killing unnecessary drags when my inv is full already
  5. @usa so after i was watching the bot closesly since its my first time using GDK i noticed it has trouble banking when inventory/looting bag is full, it just stands there. also after i managed to make it bank (i have no idea how) it teled to edge and started running towards varrock big bank? where is it suposed to be banking after inventory/looting bag is full? Edit: It doesnt use duel ring, dunno why its a requirement to have it in invo. Isint it supposed to use it to bank? After full inv w/looting bagm it keeps killing drags until its 20%hp then uses glory. Please fix asap @Usa
  6. Soon does not pay for the 2 days wasted. Better ask for refund until it gets fixed, then re-buy the script
  7. Ive purchased the script 2 days ago and cant run it coz the banking is bugged. Is there a way for me to get those days refunded or something like that
  8. ta ta ta

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    is there an option to use nardah teleport to bank? much faster than walking back n forth. If not can you add it.
  9. Is there no option to drop the tea from tea stall? it goes to bank it in varrock bank and tries to withdraws "cake", and then logs out when it doesnt find any in the bank. Dont understand why cant it just drop the tea then continue to steal more. I think im missing something in the GUI, can you clarify @Druid
  10. ta ta ta

    [ABC2][ABCL 10] Delta Miner [Bank/Drop/M1D1/Essence]

    can yo u add shift drop
  11. You'd have to pay 10 krakens to a npc to be able to do that, read the new rs update on their website
  12. ta ta ta

    Zulrah Bot

    WOW..... any gear you want THAT IS SUPPORTED. Lets go with ancient staff to zulrah, its not supported, but hey, they said any gear you want,
  13. ta ta ta

    Zulrah Bot

    "recommended standard gear". If it supported anything else it wouldve said so. Obviously.