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  1. someone here or a chinese gold farming company is like botfarming the shit out of flesh crawlers same 3 items, same avatar head, same "goergopkegporekgr" names
  2. Thank you for making this script, I will not be trolling all of the worlds looking for these noobs to pk
  3. perfect example of the newfags ruining our worlds, I swear to god they don't realize if there are 7 people in a world, they are getting 5xp/hr and no drops. like they all have usernames like "aigaerjgpaok23943" and look like they're geared up from the fucking flax fields once again thanks Fam for the awesome script (not trying to sound ungrateful)
  4. the retarded 12 year olds using this bot after paying for VIP with their moms credit card are going to get everyone banned. I see these dumbass level 90s+ with rune chain, rune scimmy and rune legs crowding every world, it's like if there are 3+ people you should fucking hop. Goddamn, GREAT JOB on script though, thank you very much fam.
  5. also your cat sounds like Mr. Tubbington from glee
  6. Lmfao they must intentionally hire the biggest losers in Britain to read these fucking appeals and not unban your silly account because it probably brightened up their otherwise dreadful lives
  7. Congrats!
  8. posted this in wrong section please delete it
  9. old thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13879-updated-w-pic-of-error-wont-load-on-mac-but-ive-downloaded-javareinstalled-tribot/ 1. Download vm ware fusion 30 day free trial https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=vmware-fusion5 2. create new virtual machine after download.. not suggesting anything, but there are ways to get it free. You can either upload a .iso file to vmware or insert your disc You also need a cd-key, there are also ways to get that for free. I would reccomend windows XP professional, and I'm not going to post the links here because it will take 5 minutes max to google all of that stuff. 3. download JRE 7 Update 21, because for some reason update 25 doesn't work well http://www.oldapps.com/java.php?old_java=12124 4. Download tri-bot Apparently EOC won't really work But at least old-school will work on your new windows xp virtual machine 5. Turn off all firewalls/anti-viruses To get scripts to work: Download compiled versions (.zip) files from the scripting section, extra them, and put them in the folder where the scripts are held (there is a button on the client that will lead you there) I will answer any question about mac or pc and running the old school client, because I spent a ton of time trying to figure everything out
  10. I would do it for 4.5, use me as a last resort