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  1. LOL, I am sorry that i called you lazy, but in fairness i did edit that out, as i thought that was a bit harsh. I am just annoyed at the incompetance some bot authors here are to accept basic knowledge of how a human would play. But whatever, im just going to go use rspeer or runemate. worlds my oyster.
  2. you are lazy, only lazy bot authors ignore such comments. I made sence, and made you look silly, even more silly now banning me from a script because I made a good point. " Most scripters would simply ignore such user concerns. " - Yeah, thats true, and they are shit and lazy. anyhow, ill just use runemate or rspeer, Too expensive here anyway, for non gold farmers.
  3. I ask my self would i click out side the bank entrance, then click on the outside of the bank along the bank wall, before clicking on the willows area? I could easily click on the willows area with one click from the bank which is in my view clearly. Only a script would with pre defined values would do such thing. Think like an Einstein and try to fix it, and never underestimate jagex, is the attitude i like to see with my bot authors.
  4. it looks like a bot to jagex, because in draynor when going to bank willows or leave the bank to go back to willows, it always clicks out side the bank then clicks around the bank to get back to the willows area. when all it needs todo is click near the willow trees to leave the bank which is just one click.
  5. seems a bit slow, but i guess its supposed to be playing as a human would.. status would say tree completed, and i'd be waiting for it todo something and status hasn't changed, after like 10 seconds i think it then updates the status and performs the next task.
  6. keeps getting stuck tring to click on obstacls that is not able to click on because of bad camera rotations. was stuck for over an hour, hopefully i not get a ban. you need add sme more fail safes. this is for looking glass
  7. There is no requirement for pirates treasure, so i started bot up at grand exchange, selected priate treature, and it clicks on bank deposits all my items and armour and then the bot script shuts off I thought mabe it needed a bit of help so i started it off at port sarim which is where you need to start the quest and all it does is use my varrock teleport and goes to nearest bank and banks all my items again and armour, then shuts off.
  8. pirates treasure doesn't work for me. I even tried starting it at port sarim and it still crashed.
  9. Oh right okay then. I thought this was the best way to ask questions, instead of spamming dms to bot authors, as i thought that would be more instrusive.
  10. also is this curser actually off screen or just on the border of the runescape client? I did select move curser off screen when mining. Does it still have the same effect if i did actually take my curser of the screen and went to like another tab in my browser?
  11. thanks, only issue i have with the script is that it always goes to that particular area on the upper floor, all settings are pretty much default. I am not using custom destination settings. Maybe you coded it to go there because maybe less people?
  12. why does bot always go to this precise location at the upper floor and always hold right click down when it is mining?
  13. i want it to just stay in one position and wait for Guard Dog to respawn so it will kill it and not wonder off looking for them. I have set tile where the guard dog respawns. There are several Guard dogs and I want it to just stay at one place and wait for just the one guarddog to respawn and not wonder off looking for guard dogs. Because what happens at the moment it runs off looking for them and as soon as the guard dog respawns where my tile is set it runs back there to kill the guard dog. Which annoyingly already have killed the other guard dog and my character has like half health left now and has to eat before attacking the guard dog at my tile set.
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