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  1. @Usa Any advise regarding it being stuck? I went ahead and changed things around, I'm able to get the accounts registered but the script doesn't go any further than "creating" the account. I'm assuming it's waiting for the confirmation that it's been created. I do apologize for all the questions.
  2. Awesome! I tried it out though and it kept saying every single name was unavailable. I see the requests in 2captcha, but it keeps saying everything is unavailable.
  3. @Usa Hey there, does the account creator utilize the convention for the display names and the gmail tag option? So, like myuser+[1]@gmail.com?
  4. Utilizing Looking Glass and regular client, my accounts got locked while 1)doing the first combat scenario 2)talking with brother brace 3) while trying to do Cook's assistant. A couple of things I noticed, since I was babysitting these. Dax's webwalker might not be working because it can't find the gate, nor walk to Brother Brace after I intervened manually. Will make a few more accounts and get you a complete log. One thing to note, I'm utilizing a debian minimal install with xfce.