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  1. Thank you, good job
  2. @Worthy I found my character on the charter boat idling, logging in and out (which i think caused the ban, not bothered by it) it had roughly 1442 coins in my invent and was just logging in and out. When i paused the script and unpaused the script it teleported to clan wars, rebanked and then continued as normal. but it was logging in and out and idling for a good 1 hou 30 mins - 2 hours. before i woke up and corrected it so technically its my own fault for the ban, a potential loss in connection and the bot has went MIA I'm not sure but thanks for a great script for <6 hours :')
  3. Update: Returned home from work today to find a delayed ban waiting for me. Allowed me to log in and once I did I was ban hammered. Though, It is only a bot-busting minor (thank god) As stated above, I believe that the bugs I listed are a probable cause for the reason I got a 2 day ban, however. don't let this put you off. The script is flawless and I personally must have misread or misused one of the settings in the GUI. Also the fact I didn't use breaks may have been another reason as to why I received the ban. but nonetheless would recommend this script to anyone, In the short time I used it I managed to make 4m(ish) and complete one of the diary tasks. Definitely would recommend, though a bit annoyed that I've used the script for <6 hours, paid $20 and can't use it again or face a permanent ban.
  4. Hi, noticed 3 bugs whilst using this script but other than that it's flawless, just need to work on my stats a bit. #1 when using the charter ship with stamina pots the script fails to drop the vial and when it comes to the range state it rapidly clicks the blowpipe and isn't able to equipt it due to no inventory space making it look like a bot. I've stopped using stamina pots for this reason and the problem doesn't occur any more. #2 I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that for a whole hour the script didn't take out enough money for the charter ship causing it to log out due to inactivity and log back in and just stand there. This is the first time it's happened don't know if there is a cause or anything I can do to stop it. #3 on route to zul-Andre from the charter ship very close to the boat to the shrine the script stops randomly and won't progress to the shrine boat. It just stands and idles till I click towards the shrine boat and then it continues to work again. Again, I don't know if there is anything I can do to prevent this. over all a really good script and made me 3m last night, ran out of supplies. I am a bit nervous about being banned however, the whole point of botting is knowing the potential risk of being banned.
  5. Doxed by Trump.
  6. Probably not for the next few generations or maybe even this one, who knows.
  7. This was quite fun to read.
  8. What is your favourite beverage?
  9. Yeah. I'm so intrigued. I spent days researching it but never got me anywhere, cool thing to do when you're bored :D.
  10. Anyone here ever tried solving the cicada 3301 puzzles?
  11. Try closing off all Java applications in task manager and try again?
  12. Cooking, legit (I know, disgusting right?) and this guy starts with the whole "I'm quitting speech. No one loves me, I'm just so depressed. Blah blah blah" He then logs back in 30 minutes later I replied with "That was quick" and He then proceeded with this. Made me chuckle a bit. TL;DR. I got started on and threatened to be DDoSed on runescape which I found funny Question: What's been the funniest thing someone has threatened you with on runescape?
  13. Completed a torso for me whilst I slept. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone. Verify's himself through the forums, talks you through what you need to do and was pleasant to talk to. Service isn't badly priced and you get it done in remarkable time. 10/10 for this service. Thank you.
  14. Your skills: 74hp 71 range 52 prayer 61 defence Payment method: Paypal Added me yet: Speaking on livechat.