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  1. Tried selling 44m to them via live-chat. Apparently it's 50m minimum which isn't stated in the terms or on the thread. Waste of time & live chat rep is very arrogant to.
  2. Edit: The recent tribot update seems to have fixed the banking, however I'm still getting the insufficient supplies and the script ending. I have 8.7k unstrung maple longbows and same amount of bowstrings. It worked perfectly up until the recent update that broke banking, anything I can do to fix it?
  3. Can you both take it to PM please? You've hijacked this post to discuss personal matters which could be done via your private messages.
  4. If you're going to bot on 2 accounts and your main all on the same IP you could be banned on your main as well, even though you may not have botted on it. I wouldn't run the risk.
  5. Tried the free trial and quite liked it, bought it now however I have a few suggestions if possible to add as follows; instead of withdrawing 'x' and setting the numerical value to 28 every time (does it for me idk about anyone else) it looks very bot like, could you change to withdraw all? With the update that came out a few month ago with the ability to press space to cook all as apposed to clicking, is it possible to add this to the script to just press space? Is it also possible to add the ability for 1 ticking with a medium-high chance to misclick for maximum efficiency? Can you add to the paint how many levels have been gained, currently it shows how long till next level and XP P/hour Could you also add the ability for the script to use esc to close interfaces like the bank? Overall good script though. Thanks, Matt.
  6. https://gyazo.com/e50a99b30b5b92f937c43612faaa6358 5 hour 15min proggy, Went to the gym and out with friends, used breaks and what not but still expecting a ban. Completely forgot that I had even left the client running. Good job. Very stable and will be purchasing again since this is my last day
  7. Matt

    Slayer script?

    I believe Mute's slayer script was removed, for reasons I'm unsure about but I couldn't find it on the repo
  8. You have VIP + VIP E as seen under your avatar. Try logging out of the client and back in, see if that fixes it. If not, Delete the hooks.data in your C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies
  9. Do you need a MiddleMan or are you just grave digging to up your posts?
  10. Uninstall all versions of java. Download Java 8 JDK, install.
  11. I would always recommend uninstalling any other Java versions and installing Java 8. You could have a conflict of tribot only being able to read Java 9 or whatever version is installed on your PC. Uninstalling all the versions you have installed and installing Java JDK 8 should fix any issues, I would also recommend installing the 32-bit version which is x86 (AFAIK) becausde the tribot client is 32-bit (Again, As far as I know/remember)
  12. What script are you attempting to use?
  13. You do realise that just like yourself, scripters are entitle to a life as well, right? I say this because I know for a fact, the VAST majority of scripts are updated within a week if they're broken. However sometimes people have other things to do in real life as well. Stop spreading false information & negativity throughout the forums.
  14. That isn't true actually. In order for a script to be purchaseable through the repo all premium scripters must ensure that all scripts are up to date otherwise they'll be removed. No scripts are 100% bug free either, it's a fact.
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