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  1. ETA on DH mode? Looking forward to it man. Thanks for your hard work! Edit: Also if anyone is looking for a crude workaround for DHing or anything with absorbs and 1 hp download the program "Macro Recorder" and setup your quick prayer button for rapid heal, then with this program you can create a timed macro that clicks the quick prayer button every X seconds. It also has the option to vary click time randomly by X seconds and very pixel coordinates by X which is nice because then it's not clicking the same spot at the same interval.
  2. Do a lot of people still stake? Last time I tried (awhile ago) it was all custom made accounts for staking
  3. Method: (what method you were using) Humidify w/ Fishbowl Event: (what event the paint was displaying) Open Bank Stack-trace: (copy/paste any debug text from both the client and bot debug) Nothing What was the script doing: (brief description) Start script and immediately script opens bank, sits there for a minute, then logs out. Have all required items in inventory. Any ideas?
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