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  1. Pattern Breaking and Account Preference

    idea sounds great.. i think the biggest issue i see is i can easily tell bots using the same script because some functions they all act exactly the same. though when selecting anti ban options they should become a saved set, with say there being 12 options but of those 12 there are 5 more sub options of pattern and the chosen patterns will be saved with the account info so they're always performing the same kind of options because no human acts alike and they usually perform the same way every day some may do things a little slower than others like clicking precision or mouse movement always being within a range of pace.
  2. human like mistakes

    just a suggestion, but when using items why not have a chance of miss clicking around the target.? when doing things that use items chance of stopping the task early to bank like 1 or 2 off done things like this would happen rarely i know i make these mistakes.