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  1. How much longer do u expect me to wait? @Fluffee
  2. how much longer? @Fluffee
  3. Could I get my refund now
  4. I wouldn't normally have a problem waiting the 5 days but Hes been inactive for over 2 months. Hes completely gone AWOL and waiting 5 days won't make him respond or return here. I'd just like a refund for my 35 credits asap. I'd normally not open a dispute bc I like @Druid but from the looks of it hes not coming back. I have messages of me reaching out to him but it's just messages with no response. Is it normal for your premium scripters to just go missing without telling anyone bc if my private script isn't being maintained I could only imagine his premium scripts aren't being maintained as well? @Todd @Usa
  5. 1. Script Author: @Druid 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: 8-15-2019 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): i have screenshots if necessary 6. Issue(s): hi i just bought a recent subscription to a private script i have with druid on here on the date 8-16-2019. the script is broken and druid is inactive may i get a refund? He hasnt been online in over 2 months. Id like a refund of the 35 credits ive spent. I've tried contacting him on discord skype and on this platform
  6. An auto bot overview option would be awesome. A on screen timer for breaks letting you know the time that break would last for each client would be cool. Idk if its possible but a way to kill all instances of tribot with one click would be nice as well
  7. ok i have a anti captcha account u can test w bc its overall better than 2captcha rotating proxies are socks 5 so i assume it will work. the thing is the creation ip, and the ip the accounts used to finish tutorial must match or it results in account locking so a feature to kill accounts w non matching ips would be very helpful.
  8. a few questions does this interact with rotating proxies does it create its own accounts or do i have to create my own? does it create accounts under said proxies? also does it solve the captcha test with any captcha service such as anticaptcha or 2captcha
  9. so if i want to permanently increase the heapsize what exactly would i need to google to make this happen @Fluffee or if u know the terminal command thatd help alot
  10. for example i insert the command in the prompt export _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx20g" and then id insert java -XshowSettings:vm itd show the changed heap from 6gb to the 20gb i changed it to. once i exit the command promp and go back in to check, it goes back to the 6gb heap that it was set to by default id like to change it to something higher than 6gb permanently
  11. How does one increase the java heap space on linux. Thanks for the help
  12. play the game and find a profitable method decide p2p or f2p get a private script once youve found a solid method. bot suicide or legit. its an initial investment and there will be trial and error but no one will hand you their method if thats what youre looking for but there are plenty of ways to make coin.
  13. Lets see how long this takes. Dont hold your breath
  14. what about the recent account locking issue
  15. I'm guessing theyre bringing the hammer down on f2p farms. i cant even quest 7qp on my bots without them being banned the very next day my thing if the bot is undetectable what is the purpose of looking glass? tutorial accounts are being locked as well so they are clearly focusing more on those 2
  16. Its become pretty clear in the last couple of weeks Jagex has made policy changes to account creation, and bot busting and detection. Accounts are being locked and banned and at higher amount than the previous months. ive noticed across other platforms if u bring this to the communities attention, you get 1 of 2 reactions. people either agree that the bans and locks are more frequent and jagex has increased busting/detection. or you get the Hu dur its your proxies you arent taking breaks correctly blah blah. What i havent seen is site admins at least honestly say yeah they are cracking down and detection. ive done a little research and a community admin chimed in on this and i will post what i found down below. Thoughts? anyone getting theses bans or locks or not being effected at all?
  17. Turn up your paint delay to save cpu usage
  18. None of the ips i use are flagged or datacenters all residential.. like ive said ive been creating accounts for months now with no problems. Usually the only account locks id ever seen were if the account was created on one ip and finish tutorial on another. In the last few days over 1000 accs of mine were immediately locked after 2 mins of in game time szo it obvious jagex has changed policy. Can any one that creates can attest to this??
  19. Ive been creating my own tutorial island accounts for some time now. In the last day or so every successful account ive created would get locked. I've seached though different botting platforms and it seems like jagex have implemented new acc locking method where if u play on an ip that is not the same as the ip the acc was created on it gets an immediate lock. Anyone else having this problem?
  20. tarxan

    Personal Gold farm

    if you really want a gold farm get a private script just make sure its a reliable scripter/method the rs wiki has alot of common bottable money makers. figure out if you want to bot f2p or p2p. if youre serious do some digging on the forums and youll find everything
  21. Anyone else having this problem? I am running into it often
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