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    Request for Refund on OSRS Dax Hunter

    There are working scripts, you mostly see people posting who have issues, and don't usually see the people posting who don't have issues. This bot got stuck once for me, but I've gotten my account from 40-90 hunter without a ban (that I know of, as delayed bans are a thing). Red sallies are a bit dodgy, but red chins are good, as that's probably one of the things the creator of this script prioritises over the less conventional training methods.
  2. Cool script to a degree but definitely not perfect which is fine. Though for example watched the bot for 20 mins before bed, then left it for 7 hours, and it only trained for 30 mins, and then sat there for 6 hours 30m doing nothing at red sallies. GG that account lmao
  3. joeltlou2

    Cannot run any scripts

    I tried running a script and my client froze, so restarted the laptop. Now the client is saying I cannot be running more than 1 script without being VIP, though no process is stuck in the background (obvious as I did a hard reboot), so think something might be stuck somewhere else? But not sure. Thanks
  4. The message I was given did make me think it's gunna be a client issue and nothing to do with the script. But thought I'd post here just in case. Anyway, it's kinda good, works as strange break handler in a way if I wanna look for the positive ;P
  5. That would make sense cause my WiFi can lose connection for a few seconds. Thanks man
  6. Script is awesome, just one question. Sometimes when I leave it running overnight I wake up to the bot having stopped with the message "The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0" Not sure how that can just randomly occur while running.