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  1. Just bought the premium script! Is there an optimal setting for Power Mining Ore that is still relatively safe? After every ore it says "Waiting for ABC2 delay to end". Im getting 12-15k exp/hour. Thanks!
  2. This last week or two I have been trying to Alch and after a break I get this error: [17:55:04] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:20:13 [17:58:04] Break Handler: Break ended. [17:58:04] Ending script, you have no [Ljava.lang.String;@14096a0 [17:58:04] stopping script because of out of items in bank I have the normal alch settings, plenty of items in inventory (and I even overstocked the same items in bank just in case) and I still get that error after every time I try and take a break. Please help @Tri!
  3. Getting Banned Alching Opinions?

    While alching?
  4. Getting Banned Alching Opinions?

    Hey guys, I wanna bot 55-94 mage by alching using Tri's Magic Script. I was wondering what your opinions were on ban rates and if you had any personal experiences getting banned while alching.
  5. What do people set their breaks up as for this script? If I set up a break how will it log off since its in constant combat?
  6. Rune Support seemed to stop working, when i put in Chaos Rune or Death Rune ID's, it detects it as >28 inventory spots. Before this, it used to let the runes stack and not count toward the Maximum Inventory number Help please!
  7. TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Just to let you guys know "OSBuddy" Is flickering as well when you open up the Right Side Extensions (Where you have access to calculators, skill trackers, etc). Not sure if this makes a difference : p
  8. TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Sweet thanks man! I reloaded the client and its now the _02 version but its still flickering pretty hard. Was this fix for the flickering or is that a different issue?
  9. That's awesome man! Thanks! A few ideas for this feature (Specifically Elder Chaos Druids @ the chaos temple): 1. Since it's in wilderness and the loot is so high/rare (800k/piece) once it detects a rare drop it would automatically teleport out (Elder Chaos Hood/Top/Robe) 2. If it detects a player anywhere on the map, auto teleport out a) By chance If a player gets Teleblocked and did not teleport in time, instead of acting weird and bot like (Like many wilderness bots do), just die (This could be a toggleable option, but i don't see a reason why someone wouldn't agree) - it saves a person from being detected as a bot b ) If it does die, hop worlds so they PKers don't catch you again on same world If I think of any other features ill let you know!
  10. Hey @Tri Could you add Altar Support? (Detecting nearby altars and praying on them). It's a phenomenal training method (Ie., Chaos Temple, Ape Atoll Monkey guards, Nardah Altar). The chaos temple which is in wilderness even has a direct teleport now (Burning Amulet (5)).
  11. Hey Erik, I was wondering why it always sleeps for X amount of time when it enters the Bank. It seems very bot like that every time it bots it freezes at 1 of 2 entrance tiles, then proceeds to bank. I have only banked ~5-7 times but it did it every single time. Is it supposed to do that?
  12. Can't ask for a smoother transaction! He is THE guy to buy from!
  13. I was wondering for those who used this script for awhile: Do you notice a difference in ban rate if you bot on the Main NMZ worlds versus a random world where theres only few? Which do you prefer to bot on?