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  1. Gucciness


    Oh get fucked - I tried all of that and it didn't work - I searched other threads and tried things and it didn't work. Support here is genuinely terrible... I appreciate anyone's time who genuinely helps tho.
  2. Gucciness


    I have standard client - Changed to 64 bit now and deleted and reinstalled 64 bit java.
  3. Gucciness


    Since my hard earned money is being held ransom I may as well use what I paid for - Oh wait... I can't.... My Java is 32 bit - OS buddy downloaded as 32 bit - Tribot not hooking.... "No Runescape client was found"....
  4. You can act like that all you like but this is the laws - If you haven't guessed I don't make them.
  5. I don't take offence to that lmao - And yes - If sold by microsoft to you - You will get a refund guaranteed in 14 days. Look it up.
  6. I'm not charging back - Your TOS do not matter - The law states what happens not admins. I'll contact the payment method tomorrow. EDIT: 1) It was not working fine. 2) You have 14 days to return anything.
  7. Yes sir, it did not work initially and I tried to fix - This was on the day I purchased. Did not work and so I decided against using it and I do not want to use it anymore - Hence why I'm requesting a refund... Under the sales of goods act which applies to whoever owns this site as they trade in my country... May seem stupid over $8 but it's shit I work for If you will not refund I will just contact my payment method and ask them to review it.
  8. Thanks for the offer but I'd like my $8 - Not a lot to some but for me it is. Still waiting for admin to contact meplease.
  9. E-commerce laws apply to all countries accessible - I know Canada are the same. Can someone tell me who is an admin or who to talk to?
  10. Hi couldn't find a dedicated place to put this or support place... I need a refund - Please see my other thread - Haven't even used got errors i didnt know to how fix as well.... If someone could respond.
  11. Unfortunately an E-commerce item is sold under the sales of goods act and therefore is refundable - Regardless of TOS - I do this for a living... If the owners/admins will not refund me then I'll contact the relevant people who will - No problem. Cheers.
  12. Hi I tried for a while and my patience is wearing thin.... https://gyazo.com/8cb79c44e2180067893da1e2284eaee0 I'd just like a refund - Bought the VIP-E today and haven;'t used.... If some staff could PM me or whatever that'd be gr8. Thanks : EDIT- Can't remove this picture idk why it is here?
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