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  1. TristanWPA

    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial - Part 1

    Excellent, thanks!
  2. TristanWPA

    Universal Woodcutter [Free]

    Forgot to mention this as well for feedback! @Einstein .. Not sure if its intended or not, but the script will not run if your axe is already equipped prior to starting the script. The bot will check bank then stop haha
  3. TristanWPA

    Universal Woodcutter [Free]

    Do you have an axe visible in your inventory or bank? .. This happened to me when my axe was already equipped prior to starting the script.. Worked great when I removed the axe from my hand and restarted with the axe in my inventory!
  4. TristanWPA

    Universal Woodcutter [Free]

    Great script! Beautiful visual guidance with the grid and paint .. Just some feedback, the profit and xp counters are not working for me. Not a big deal, just thought I would let you know. Thanks!
  5. TristanWPA

    USA Walker | Map | JavaFX & daxWalker

    Probably my most used script, such a convenient tool. Well made, the map interface is great! Thanks!
  6. TristanWPA

    Auto Tanner [Open Source]

    Anyone else still using this script consistently? Seems to be working great!
  7. TristanWPA

    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial - Part 1

    This would also be great ▲ ▲ .... Thanks for the entertaining and easy to understand tutorial, well written!
  8. TristanWPA

    LAN Runecrafter [FREE][AIO][ABC1/ABC2 Level 10]

    Excellent script, thank you!
  9. TristanWPA

    daxCombat v2

    If anyone else is wondering, as I had forgotten, you can select debug > inventory from the top tribot menu and it will show you the correct item ID for each item in your inventory.
  10. TristanWPA

    daxCombat v2

    @daxmagex okay sounds great, thanks for the prompt reply!
  11. TristanWPA

    daxCombat v2

    Thanks for the great, simple to use script! The item / loot search feature is excellent. Love the paint and stats. The loot drop value and name display is beautiful, reminds me of Diablo. Will you be adding an option to switch attack style automatically, say at x level? I think another great addition would be to allow more of a fine tune with the "loot above x" slider or an option to add a text value, good for lower level looting. One more question I have, when selecting your loot from the drop down menu, does it matter which ID you choose? I had set up looting for each rune type and talismans for example but every rune had multiple ID's. I only selected a single ID and the script seems to skip some of the rune drops via this method. It did pick up all talismans however. Thanks again! @daxmagex
  12. @Butta Thanks for a prompt reply on @Cptspoderman 's question! .. I had the exact same issue and its nice to be able to find a solution right away. Some other scripts I've found on here have many questions go unanswered.