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  1. Botting After 2 Day Ban?

    Thanks for the heads up!!
  2. Botting After 2 Day Ban?

    Yeah, definitely! haha .. Will most likely switch up what it is i'm botting when I give it another shot.
  3. Botting After 2 Day Ban?

    @Diverting haha Yeah I figured the tanning ban rate was high .. The account is set up to farm gp so thats probably what I'll do. I moved my excess gp off the account for now. May give it a little bit then just go for it and see what happens. Thanks for your input!
  4. USA Walker | Map | JavaFX & daxWalker

    Probably my most used script, such a convenient tool. Well made, the map interface is great! Thanks!
  5. Botting After 2 Day Ban?

    Hello! Has anyone had experience with botting after a temporary 48 hour ban? Just curious if you went straight back to botting? - If so, did you end up getting a permanent ban? Did you give your account time to cool down? - If so, how long, and have you had success botting on the account since? Did you change up your methods? - ex, Play the account manually for a while before botting again? , Change the number of hours your bot? If you are interested, I seemed to have picked up my ban after buying 10M gold for my lvl 59 account, then buying a membership and botting runecrafting for exp , along with leather tanning for profit.
  6. Auto Tanner

    Anyone else still using this script consistently? Seems to be working great!
  7. Einstein's Scripting Tutorial

    This would also be great ▲ ▲ .... Thanks for the entertaining and easy to understand tutorial, well written!
  8. LAN Runecrafter [FREE][AIO][ABC1/ABC2 Level 10]

    Excellent script, thank you!
  9. Grand Exchange Item Volume - Most Traded

    Glad to hear! That's still fairly stable. I guess the only real gold sinks at the moment would be in game NPC shops / services, banned accounts, and dormant accounts that trap gold? .. I doubt that outpaces gold creation from alching though .. So we really need a continuous supply of new players ( Edit: That don't Alch ) to keep demand high enough to outpace / match the gold creation.
  10. Grand Exchange Item Volume - Most Traded

    Yeah that will definitely have an impact .. Have you been doing this for a while? How long has it taken for GP per Million to drop from above $1 to its current $0.82 ish levels ? .. As long as the user base continues to grow, demand should balance out inflation's impact on pricing and we should be alright haha. Has RS3 gold prices always been that low? I assume it's easier to farm gold in RS3? I've only ever played osrs.
  11. Grand Exchange Item Volume - Most Traded

    @IceKontroI Wow that's impressive.. I was starting to come to that conclusion after looking into it further.. Was just hard to believe that 3.25 B coins worth of Fire runes alone are traded weekly haha The in game economy is huge... Thanks for the answer!
  12. Grand Exchange Item Volume - Most Traded

    Hello, This may be obvious to some but its been a while since I've played runescape again .. When looking at Grand Exchange most traded items found here: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/top100?list=0 Is volume the total amount in coins value traded over the period of time, or is it representing the number of items / units traded over a period of time .. There is no way 650 M Fire runes are traded in a week right? Thanks!
  13. @Pwningcows I know this is old but thanks for the great read! Did you ever release a part 2 ? I can't seem to find it using tribot search.
  14. daxCombat v2

    If anyone else is wondering, as I had forgotten, you can select debug > inventory from the top tribot menu and it will show you the correct item ID for each item in your inventory.
  15. daxCombat v2

    @daxmagex okay sounds great, thanks for the prompt reply!