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  1. @Naton I hear people say that NMZ is the safest thing to bot but what are the statistics if any for your bot naton? in terms of bans, is it safe to use ?
  2. will there be a problem if i run 2 accounts on the same pc with this script?
  3. it keep stopping after 15 mins of use, i tired it before
  4. its to slow i get the least amount of xp from that and it doesnt avoid the goblin
  5. i used one rock crab bot like 4 months ago but idk what happened to it, it worked really good but now i couldnt find it so i tired to use others and everyone iv tired so far has been terrible , can anyone make a good one that avoids hob goblins and eats and banks properly or recommend me one that works as it should? much appreciated thanks
  6. im taking intro to java in college right now so it will be interesting to implement what i learn to making scripts although i haven't learned many of the classes and methods yet
  7. yeah i did that and installed jdk 8, idk y it doesnt recognize 9 fixed thanks
  8. tribot was working fine before and now it suddenly asks me for java 7 when i already have jdk 9 and java 8?? wtf any ideas how to fix?
  9. does this script do the marrentill herb to tar method?
  10. this is a decent script but slow down the mouse speed a lil bit please
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