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  1. Staking...

    "STAKING IS 50/50 GAMBLING'" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stop believing this please
  2. Baucomia's Halo Service

  3. Requesting powerleveling service

    I can sort you out 07nmz.com you can put that your stats are the minimum it requires and it’ll give you a rough estimate as it has a calculator. And contact info for me!
  4. Crypto currency

    Where can I buy ripple? Without hella verification
  5. looking for someone to manually level some accounts

    Hi bud let me know if I can help, inbox me
  6. anyone need osrs services?

    I'll let you do some questing for me and skulking. I need screen shots of levels and guarantee it's hand done
  7. Premade OSRS newbie accounts needed

    still need?
  8. Max staking

    I've had accounts win 3000 stakes and lose like 600.... Some accounts are better than others. Some accounts receive more pid and rng than others. It's just how the game is and its fucking weird.
  9. Max staking

    staking is not 50 50 ever, sparc mac has a 30b bank. staking odds accounts make bills. They essentially have lower stats and force the opponent to "x" them a certain percentage which means if i stake 20m to a odds account they put up 12m or whatever the situation may be.
  10. Max staking

    Defensive gives +3 invisible defense. Flick gives +3 invisible attack. Lash gives +1 invisible attack, strength and defense. bogus, check out theotraxi's vid. proven to show flick is the best by .01% so minuscule. It's not 50/50 lmao goodluck with your odds. Pid is the first hit and the last hit, does give an unfair advantage. Expect the duel arena to be reworked this year. As staking odds accounts and people paying for college tuition by staking on RS
  11. need quests/skilling for pure

    Hey guys, I'm making a new gmauler and just need some quests and skills done grand tree tree gnome village fight arena with skills. Also 25 agility and barb fishing unlocked thanks alot!
  12. 1 Prayer fire cape [REQ]

    drop a price, i know this service isn't cheap. If a good price can be negotiated will order multiple accounts at once.
  13. Need service/nmz workers

    thanks for your comment, gotta get that post count up i see
  14. Nightmare zone services! Must see!

    Currently offering for very low prices, will do any FTP quest for free, post all vouches here! No service I can't do! 10 year rs vet! Always online