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  1. Looks like another pro script from you WarFront which I plan to test once I've renewed VIP I see this supports the use of pouches, so my question is what will the script do once pouch degradation begins? (large pouch degrades after you fill it 29 times)
  2. Thanks for releasing and updating this, wasn't really interested in renewing VIP after Word's bot/thread died but now I have a reason to Will share feedback once I have renewed & tested the script
  3. Roughly 40 seconds per inventory using Balloon method without botting, up that to 45-50 seconds if you add in the time spent restoring energy between runs
  4. Not sure if this works anymore sadly Starting Old-school RuneScape® (http://oldschool2a.runescape.com/j1)Script Started: AIO Magic.AIO Magic: We are attempting to solve the Maze random.Script Ended: AIO Magic.Script Started: AIO Magic.AIO Magic: We are attempting to solve the Maze random.Script Ended: AIO Magic. Note that I wasn't in a random and everytime I've used this script I've already got the lvl 45 trapped myself so it's nothing to do with that either
  5. Just be honest and say you can't be bothered, removing it because a handful of people can't get it to work when everybody else can is ridiculous
  6. Cursing works fine for me, so thanks for sharing However the buy runes feature doesn't seem to be working, it'll select the trade option but then wont do anything after the window opens so hopefully it's just a matter of IDs being changed Body Rune ID - 559
  7. It is possible to add an option to keep you on a world, buying more items as they become available depending on a pre-selected maximum price? I only ask as this is failing to login to other worlds, it'll hit the selected buy amount and then log out, clicking the world select button twice before ending the script on the world selection screen. E: With that said, this buys the items fast for you, so thanks for that
  8. I'm going to give this a test soon, hopefully it's still working as it's what I've been needing
  9. I've got Devloader working with the assistance of another tutorial off this site, but when I try to start your script I get an "Incorrect Auth Code" error message. The box contains the same as your first post "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" so I am guessing we need actual numbers, but I'm not certain of this. Oh and the downloadable version from 4th July is still working fine for me (30k p/h M1D1 @ Ardougne), but I just want this sorted now so that when that stops working I can instantly update it and carry on without having to come here.
  10. You got Devloader working for me, so I thank you very much. I will be sure to give your script a test for that, thanks again.
  11. I'm using the latest version for Iron at Ardougne, working as it should do for me However I did as you instructed with the Devloader and when I open the folder there is nothing in there that can be clicked and opened as in your screenshot in the original post, Tribot doesn't open it either, so I've no clue how to use that but currently it isn't actually needed as your script is working
  12. A lot of the people I see complaining about losing all accounts, all botted the same thing at the same location on the same world. In that instance all it takes is 1 mod or 1 suspecting player with a mod friend and you're done for Goodluck
  13. Thanks and thanks for responding so quickly. e:This post can be removed if deemed necessary, thanks again.
  14. Were these the only changes during this update?