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  1. The below link will not spend credits, it will simply take you to the repository This script now features an option to allow your bots to automatically trade and logs/nests to your mule account! AUTOMATICALLY (World hopping included) ! - No longer will you need to spend hours transferring from each account! Get your own personal dynamic signature! simply change the end of the link to your tribot name, if you have spaces in your tribot name replace them with underscores, e.g. Druid 1 would be Druid_1 Paste this code directly into your signature, don't click on insert image icon! [img=http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/druid/wood.png?username=YOUR_USERNAME_HERE] Script user guide - Click the spoiler to view Auto trading user guide Progress reports - Click the spoiler to view! Extra information The script has the ability to chop any trees anywhere is rs, this can be done by setting up a custom tree area in the gui and saving it, there are tons of pre-sets of popular locations already! The script has the optional ability to automatically switch trees and axes as you level up, perfect for training up mass accounts ready to goldfarm! J Mod detection - You will world hop if a J mod comes! Anti-Botwatch secrets are implemented to avoid bans! I Personally use this script myself, so i will ensure it's always running top notch! Hundreds of bills profit gained since release! Start earning yourself NOW! The script will instantly world hop if you're placed in a bot world. Should you have ANY questions - Add me on Skype I've very active and will happily answer and questions regarding the script! Thank you for viewing my thread
  2. Status: Taking requests, quick turnaround possible! (This status is always up to date) Discord: Druid#6217 Skype: druid,tb A bit about my history at tribot - Been coding TRiBot premium/private scripts since OSRS release - Ran many successful gold farms, from the release of OSRS (I know exactly what works and what doesn't) - Over 80000 script users - Over 12000 premium script users - Created hundreds of private scripts, from simple money making scripts to fully automated gold farms, all have been flawless! With many still being run today! Benefits of a private script from me - Reduced bans from having your own script and taking advantage of high quality antiban! - Run as many accounts as you like! - You're 100% in control of what the script does. You've probably seen accounts doing activities that you can't ever find a script for right? That's the beauty of having a private script, the world is your oyster! - No limitations, whatever you need can be delivered! - Quick turnaround, you could be botting within the same day! - Once you are a paying customer, I can give you some pointers based on my experience to help you maximize profitability! I have a wealth of experience creating private scripts, I've created scripts for some of the best gold farmers and made them very rich! I can guarantee your script idea will be delivered in full and won't let you down, it will be reliable and stress free! Reliability is key, even when running even a small operation! Cool features can be added to your requirements, such as: ABC2, Advanced anti-ban, Mule trading, GE resupplying, tutorial island, questing etc. Your script, method and transaction will remain 100% confidential, I can give you a cast iron guarantee that your script will not be used by anyone, other than you! Terms of service - Script will be purchased on the TRiBot repository (a script only visible to you) - 6 months bug fixes included, however if anything goes wrong after this and it's minor I'll most likely fix it for free! - A clear specification will be created and adhered to - + standard TRiBot premium script guidelines How the process works 1. Contact me via a TRiBot PM/Skype (druid.tb)/Discord (Druid#6217) with your requirements (detailed step by step of what you want the script to do + any features) 2. A specification will be drawn and the final price will be calculated, which will be agreed by both parties 3. Payment will be made (Deposit or in full) 4. Work will commence, prototypes may be provided based on complexity during development. 5. Script will be delivered to the agreed specification. You'll have an awesome script! 6. I will be available to answer any questions and give you hints/tips on how to run your farm! To make it clear, private scripts can be expensive, ultimately it's a premium script with a single user. If you're just looking to level up your main, a private script isn't for you! Return on investment is HUGE with a reliable private script, what are you waiting for? Reveal hidden content below to view customer testimonials:
  3. This a flawless premium money making script that will bring in profits ranging upto and over 300k per hour! Super high profit with low requirements yet low ban rates! PROFIT upto 7.2m a day PER account DAILY! Click here to purchase (Link to repository) ABCL 10 implemented - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoids Jagex detection! Don't sacrifice your accounts using free detectable INFERIOR scripts. This script can can allow you to run unlimited accounts, it's time to make BANK! This script is an all in one fully customization thieving script, this script will steal from ANY NPC and bank ANYWHERE in RS. You can choose from a list of presets containing popular locations or you can even set up your own NPC to thieve and specify the loot! Script features: <-> ABCL 10 - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoid bans! <-> Supports ALL NPCs & Stalls EVERYWHERE in RS! <-> Automatic mule trading - Thats right you can automatically trade your mule items! - See user guide below <-> Tons of different presets, all popular methods are included - You can even set up your own private method with this script! <-> Smart thieving - Quickly and accurately thieves NPCs! <-> Smart stun timer - It won't spam click NPCS when stunned (Highly detectable) like other scripts! <-> Smart dropping - Will drop junk when you've been stunned Maximum efficiency! <-> Automatic task switching! - This means if you start the script before you can steal from master farmers, it will train until you can, then switch to master farmers! PERFECT for setting up a bot army! <-> Suicide leveling - This script won't waste food and will suicide thieve if you set it to - perfect for thieving men in lumbridge! <-> Clever anti combat - Avoids NPCS at every location perfectly! <-> Start the bot ANYWHERE - it will navigate to the correct location for you! <-> Anti-bot watch techniques to minimize any bans! <-> Specify your own mouse speed/HP to restore/Food to withdraw <-> Specify your own loot! <-> Specify which items you want to autotrade your mule! ... and much much more! What are you waiting for! GUI: Progress report: Auto trading user guide - Click to expand It's time to make bank, with minimal effort!
  4. Master AIO Fletcher - By Druid Automatically receive your script through the repository! The script has been rigorously tested and is working flawlessly, not only will it run for long periods of time but it will not slow down!! Supported locations: EVERYWHERE - This script is fully dynamic and will never become broken/outdated! PROFIT up to 300k per hour stringing Maple/Yew/Magic longbows! The ultimate gold farming script! 300k+ profit per hour with such low requirements! ABC2 L10 implemented - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoids Jagex detection! Don't sacrifice your accounts using free detectable scripts. UNLIMITED INSTANCES SALE! - Purchase through the repository quick! Instantly receive your script! Any questions? Add me on Skype for support! Supports: Cutting (All bows) Stringing (All bows) Both Cutting & Stringing - Without needing to restart the script! (All bows) All arrows/bolts/darts/shafts/headless arrows Progressive leveling (Automatically changes bows as you level up! - brilliant for quickly leveling up new accounts, hassle free to goldfarm!) Option to automatically resupply materials using the Grand Exchange! Great for goldfarming! Script arguments - Great for quick startup! Features: ABC2 L10 Anti-ban - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoid bans! Completely flawless! hit start , come back in 50 hours and it will still be running! Efficient fletching! maximize your profit per hour! 1750+ cutting per hour! 2150+ stringing per hour! Built in anti ban, inside methods Logs you out when you are out of supplies! Unless you're buying more with the Grand Exchange! J mod detection - switches worlds the second it sees a J mod! Why settle for less than the best? Progress reports Script arguments For those that want to quickly start the script, skipping the GUI here is a list of the script argumetns you can use: itemType: (Longbow/Shortbow/Shafts/Javelins/Arrows/Bolts/Darts/Headless Arrow) material: (Logs/Oak/Willow/Maple/Yew/Magic/Bronze/Iron/Steel/Mithril/Broad/Adamant/Rune/Runite/Amethyst/Dragon) mouseSpeed: (1-200) resupplyWithGrandExchange: (Yes/No) amountToResupply: (1-1000000) bowMode: (Both/Cutting/Stringing) progressiveMode: (Yes/No) abc2: (Yes/No) Finish each argument with a semi-colon, here is an example: itemType:Longbow;material:Yew;mouseSpeed:105;resupplyWithGrandExchange:Yes;amountToResuply:1000;bowMode:Cutting;progressiveMode:No;abc2:Yes;
  5. The issue you were experiencing was client related, not script related. Restart the client and it will be fine,
  6. I'm looking to freshen this script up, so if anyone has some suggestions on how things should work better/new features please drop me a PM!
  7. I'm looking to freshen this script up, so if anyone has some suggestions on how things should work better/new features please drop me a PM!
  8. Thank you for the feedback, highly appreciated! 1. Good point, I assume it's quite common for people to choose a pattern though, not totally random (either from top or bottom) 2. I believe you are mistaken here, it should misclick once in a while 3. The banking depends on the ABC seed your account has been assigned, it will choose a pattern, which may be either using the booth of the banker, 4. That sounds interested and definitely unexpected, I'll see if I can reproduce this otherwise could you drop me a gif/video or show me? Many people have achieved 99 thieving, which good botting practices, it's possible!
  9. The auto trading addon is now free! FYI, this script is scheduled to be revamped very soon, expect some new cool features!
  10. Running progressive mode in a F2P world will use F2P locations. If you choose another location yourself, make sure it's in the F2P world.
  11. Please could you provide some more information, it's working fine as far as I can see. See the following thread:
  12. Make sure you only select locations that are supported in F2P, or it will try to run to P2P loacations. Congratulations on 99 woodcutting, glad I could help! Going to be creating a new sig soon!
  13. I've decided to work on a free flax spinning script, that will always run smooth without any errors! Find the script in the repository or click this link: Master Flax Spinner Any feedback/suggestions are welcome!
  14. Appears the tribot API doesn't support that specific bank chest, I'll need to add it myself. Leave this with me and I'll sort it asap. Edit: I've now updated to support bank chests not supported by the client.
  15. Fixed about 15 minutes ago. If you still believe to be having issues, add me on Skype (druid.tb).
  16. Yes it does all of that. Fixed in today's update Are you referring to script arguments? if not, there is a dropdown on the first tab to allow you to load a saved profile (Create a profile first).
  17. Druid

    Master Walker AIO

    At present, none. I'll add some right now for you Edit: I've added some script arguments, see the main thread post for details
  18. It's working absolutely fine, add me o Skype and I'll take a look at why you're getting this (Probably something on your side).
  19. Was due to the latest RS update, it's all fixed now!
  20. Just to update everyone, the script is running great!