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  1. Premium scripts cost extra, VIP doesn't entitle you to them. The benefit of VIP, is that you can run as many instances of free scripts as you want, without restriction and run multiple instances of purchased premium scripts (if the script permits).
  2. 24 hours isn't an unacceptable amount of time to wait. Remember this is an actual business, not some kiddie running a powerleveling service. But as others have suggested, you're more likely to get a quicker response if you PM a Support member/Mod or create a forum thread.
  3. If you met the requirements for compensation, you will be compensated. It takes time to process.
  4. If that doesn't work, then turn off all your sockets in your house and try again.
  5. Try again, looks to be up any running again.
  6. In case you weren't aware by default users have a credit transfer limit of 5 credits every 31 days. There are some exceptions to this, but that really narrows down potential sellers. Most, if not all people that are verified to sell > 5 per 31 days have credit shops already, it's unlikely they will sell them to you for 1.05m. If you're looking to buy credits, perhaps you should sell the GP to a reputable buyer first, buy BTC through coinbase (It's fairly straight forward) and then purchase credits?
  7. VIP doesn't grant access to premium scripts. However you can run as many non-premium scripts as you like with VIP!
  8. Thank you for keeping us informed
  9. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy credits and VIP using PayPal: How To: Purchase TRiBot Credits & VIP w/ PayPal
  10. Right, well I'll add the option is somebody can provide an account with Lunars.
  11. I think my script does, if not give me a shout on Skype and I'll add it for you,